Meet 10th March 2022 Written Update: Meet makes Meet Ahlawat agrees to her plan by winning the challenge


Meet 10th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet is decided to steal the file from the police station then Meet Ahlawat challenges Meet to steal a toffee and keep a rs 5 coin near the Chai Wala. Meet fears at the start but controls herself and takes a cap and goggles from a passer by and goes to the Chai Wala. She says to Chai wala she would like to make a video of him. Chai Wala thinks of coming on TV and agrees to make the video.

Meet starts making the video and starts rap with the Chai wala. While making the video Meet steals toffee and puts 5 rupee coin on the tea stall. After stealing Meet tries to leave but Chai wala stops her and says to make a video of him when he is singing a song but Meet says You seem to have a lot of free time instead of disturbing others go watch Meet at 7.30 pm on see tv. He agrees. Meet returns the cap and goggles to the shop owner and gives the toffee to Meet. Meet Ahlawat says he doesn’t know that she could rap so well. Meet says a person need teaches him everything. Meet asks what’s the plan.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet comes near the station. He asks how to enter the station. Meet tells him no need to enter the station and she tells him that she gave the camera to a chai kid whom she helped before. Hope it helps us to find a way to enter the station. They watch the live video of the station and notice that Hawa Singh is taking bribe in the name of donation. Meet tells Hawa Singh is not suitable to sit in the chair. They hear that evening weapons will reach the station. Meet calls Ram and Lakhan and asks them to come to the location she shared.

Masoom asks Duggu why he behaved in that way. Hoshiyar takes her aside and asks her won’t they have another way. Masoom says I don’t want any orphan to have this property. Hoshiyar says Duggu thinks we don’t love him. Masoom makes Duggu drinks the milk and tells him that they love him and asks him to accept Tej and Sunaina as his parents to have what he wants. Duggu denies it. Masoom warns to lock him in the washroom with a cockroach if he doesn’t listen to her. Duggu in tears hugs his Dad.

Meet and Meet notices that weapon boxes have arrived at the station. Meet calls Ram and Lakhan. She asks them to implement the plan. They go in front station and fight with each other. Everyone’s attention shifts to their fight then Meet Ahlawat asks her to end inside. Hawa Singh sends his subordinate to stop the issue. Meet enters inside box 4. Ram and Lakhan stop their issue and leave from there. Meet Ahlawat notices Meet earphone is dropped and thinks about how he can have communication with her and he feels worried for Meet. Constable takes the boxes inside. Hawa Singh check one box.

Episode ends.

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