Meet 11th June 2022 Written Update: Sunaina reveals her real intentions to Masoom


Meet 11th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet seeing that Babita is making arrangements for a function. She gets confused thinking what is the occasion. She asks Meet Ahlawat about it and Babita informs her that it’s for her baby shower. They will celebrate after a long time. Meet gets happy hearing that. Babita shows traditional jewels to Meet and says the latter has to look beautiful on her baby shower. Sunaina comes and selects a necklace for herself. Babita permits her to wear any of the jewels but except one which only Meet will wear.

Sunaina gets offended knowing that. Meet says Sunaina can wear it, it will look good on her but Babita says Meet will wear it as it was given by Babita’s mother in law when Babita got pregnant she wore this. Sunaina leaves upset and Babita says she will talk to her later. She tells Meet to go to the kitchen to tell the halwai to make her favourite sweets. Meet goes to the kitchen and sees her favourite sweets Gond laddoos have been made already. She says she would like to eat Bundis too. Meet Ahlawat also comes there. The halwai says he can’t make different sweets within such a short time span. Meet Ahlawat scolds him and finds that it’s Raj only in disguise. He apologises to Raj and the latter teases him. Meet Ahlawat says he had no idea it was his father. Meet and her husband both eat the laddoos and praise the taste.

Sunaina overhears their talk and gets jealous. Masoom says she can understand Sunaina’s pain and everyone is treating Meet in such a way as if she is the only pregnant woman in this world. Sunaina leaves and Ram announces in front of the family members that Deep and Isha will get engaged soon. Everyone tells what will they do in the baby shower function. Isha says she will host the function with Deep. Ram, Lakhan say that they will handle the photograph section. Raj says he will take care of the sweets. Meet Ahlawat says he will look after his wife. Ragini says she will make Meet ready for the function. Duggu also takes a responsibility, Sunaina says she will give a special performance for Meet. Masoom gets surprised hearing that. Tej says he has invited all the guests.

Masoom asks Sunaina how she changed all of a sudden and decided to perform for Meet. Sunaina says the issues can never be solved between her and Meet. She will show Meet her real place during the function. Masoom gets excited to know about her plan. There Meet tells her husband that only Sunaina didnt look happy today, they should do something to unite Sunaina and Tej as it’s been long they are not sorting out their issues. Later Meet gets ready for her baby shower and Meet Ahlawat comes with sweets. She says she is already hungry, he doesn’t allow her to eat saying first she will play a game then she will get it. She says she won’t play, he says if she refuses then he will decide what their baby will become in future without taking her opinion. He says the daughter or the son will become businessman or businesswoman. Meet says that’s a boring job and there is no fun. She then distracts him and eats the laddoos without giving it to her husband.

Meet Ahlawat chases her and kisses on her cheek to distract her. He then also eats the laddoos. Deep comes to the ceremony and Isha gets happy to see him. Isha calls Meet to make her appearance with Meet Ahlawat. Meet happily comes downstairs and later Deep says now the men of the house will do ramp walk and will imitate pregnant ladies. Babita and Ragini will judge them. Everyone enjoys the performances of the men. Sunaina laughs at Tej seeing his walk. Babita and Ragini announce Hosiyar as the winner and he asks Masoom to get pregnant again. Masoom refuses.

Episode ends

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