Meet 11th March 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat saves Meet


Meet 11th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet going into the van and entering weapon box no 4. Constable brings the boxes inside the station with laborers. He asks Hawa Singh where to put the boxes. Hawa Singh scolds the constable for disturbing him and says put where we put them all the time and make sure all the weapons are accounted for. Meet Ahaawat couldn’t contact Meet in the weapon box so he tries to see what’s going on in the police station. Hawa Singh decides to see weapons himself and he asks the constable to open weapon box no 4 as it is the biggest box of all weapon boxes.

Meet fears that she will be found when box is opened and prays to mata rani. Meet Ahlawat also gets worried when box is opened but Meet hides herself under the black blanket in the weapon box. Hawa Singh tests the weapons by poking the blanket. Meet gets injured and slight blood is attached to the knife part of the rifle. Hawa Singh doesn’t notice it and puts the rifle in the weapon box.

Constable tells Hawa Singh that they can’t keep weapon boxes in the open. Hawa Singh scolds him and says to lock up the boxes with a lock. Constable locks the weapon boxes and gives the keys to Hawa Singh. Hawa Singh says to put the weapon boxes in the storeroom. The constables decide to put the weapon boxes in the storage room later and go out to have tea.

Meet Ahlawat decides he should do something. Meet couldn’t get breathe properly in the weapon box and remembers Meet Ahlawat’s tip in watching the time and control her breathing. Meet tries it and also takes a knife from her pocket and pokes a hole in the weapon box for air. Meet Ahlawat disguises himself as a dance girl with two girls and tries to enter the police station. Constable stops them. Hawa Singh sees them and allows them in. Meet Ahlawat and the girls start to entertain Hawa Singh by dancing to the songs.

Hawa Singh and the constables enjoy and dance with the girls. While Hawa Singh dances Meet Ahlawat steals the keys from him and on the dry ice machine. While it is foggy because of it Meet Ahlawat saves Meet from the weapon box and goes to the files room. Hawa Singh notices that a girl is missing and decides to find her.

Meet Ahlawat warns Meet that Hawa Singh is coming. Meet asks him to stop him. Meet Ahlawat takes Hawa Singh and dances with him. Hawa Singh tries to remove his veil but he stops him. By mistake, the rack falls on the floor while she is collecting the file. Hawa Singh falls on the ground while dancing. Meet Ahlawat notices Meet is unable to walk in pain then he carries her out. Meet Ahlawat in tears bandages her hand and asks what if something happens to her.

Meet tells him nothing can happen to her when he is with her and this pain is nothing in front of my Dad and I can even die for him. Meet Ahlawat stops her and hugs her in tears. Meet Ahlawat asks if she gets info of Mohan. Meet tells him he is transferred to Assam and we have to find his details. Ram thinks about Meet, he thanks Ragini for loving everyone equally. Ragini says they all are our kids and asks why he is stressed. Ram says Meet is still worried even after Tej’s recovery. Ragini tells him she will talk with Meet.

Ram tells that’s why she is special. Ragini smiles and goes to get him tea. Meet contacts Mohanlal through video call. He cuts the call in tension saying he didn’t remember her. Meet calls him again but he disconnects the call. Meet Ahlawat says he may be hiding something or don’t want to tell you about it that’s why not attending the call.

Episode ends.

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