Meet 12th March 2023 Written Update: Meet becomes hopeful


Meet 12th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Shagun shares her worry with Manmeet. Manmeet says that Meet didn’t win. Shagun says that she didn’t lose too. She cries and explains how much she loves him. She worries that Meet will stop them from getting married. Manmeet sees Sp bhati. He says that he will do dhamaka during the Holi celebration. Sp Bhati gears up to approach Meet. Imarti tells Sarkar that Yashoda has cheated him. She shows him factory documents with Manmeet’s sign on them. She also shows him the video of Meet and Yashoda’s conversation regarding the documents. Sarkar asks her to get out of the room. He gets enraged.

Chanda applies ointment on Meet’s wound. She praises her. Sp bhati comes there. He congratulates Meet and asks her to go and stay at Alhawat house for few days. Meet says it means she has to go back to Sarkar Mahal only. She says it’s the prize that she got by winning the match. Sp bhati says it can be dangerous. Meet says that she is not intimated by anyone or anything as she is staying at Sarkar mahal and sarkarpur for a reason. She says that she knows Manmeet can create scenes during Holi celebration. She asks him to drop her at the Sarkar Mahal.

Sarkar says that Yashoda has changed. He plans to do something tomorrow so that Yashoda never forget the day. Yashoda gets restless thinking about the result of the wrestling match. She wonders how did this happen. She worries thinking that now Meet won’t leave Sarkar Mahal. Gunwanti asks her if she is fine. Yashoda shares her thoughts with her. She says that she is not happy with the result either. Manmeet asks Sarkar to forgive him as he could not beat Meet. Sarkar shows disappointment in him. He asks Manmeet to look forward.

Manmeet says that he knows what to do next. He says that he will ask Meet to give him divorce. He knows that Meet won’t give him divorce so he plans to prove Meet a bad wife in court so that she is forced to give the divorce. He says that he will prove that Meet has illegal affair outside with SP Bhati. He plans to take advantage of the Holi celebration to defame Meet. Sarkar asks him to show Meet her original place as an woman so that she surrender herself. He praises Manmeet’s plan and hugs him.

Yashoda comes there and asks them about the matter. Sarkar recalls Imarti’s words. He indirectly threatens Yashoda for her deeds. Gunwanti mentions about Shagun. Manmeet says that she will soon arrive as his wife. Sarkar asks Yashoda if she can do Holi preparations or he should bring his second wife. Yashoda says that she can do it and leaves with Gunwanti. Sarkar says that tomorrow he will make Yashoda cry for her deeds. Shagun cries over her fate in front of Gunwanti. Gunwanti asks her to not cry as he believes that Manmeet will do some sort of arrangements for Meet. Sp Bhati drops Meet outside Sarkar Mahal. The whole family sees them together. Meet enters the house. She gets dis balanced and falls on the floor. Anuja wishes to help her but Sundari stops her. Meet thinks that one day the family will consider her as their own. The episode ends.