Meet 13th March 2023 Written Update: Imarti tries to stop Meet


Meet 13th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Meet thanks God for showing her the right path. She asks him to assist her always. Anuja sympathies with Meet as none came forward to help her earlier. She gives water to Meet. Anuja warns Meet about the more difficult times that is coming on Meet’s way. She says that Meet has to bear a lot as sarkar family won’t let her live at peace. Meet says that she will keep trying hard and one day her factory will be inaugurated by the ladies of Sarkar Mahal she believes. Anuja agrees and hugs her. Meet tries to apply ointment on her feet.

Manmeet sees her. He comes to the room and applies the ointment. He acknowledges the fact that Meet didn’t give up during the wrestling match. He says that he respects her for this sports man spirit. He pulls Meet’s foot to give her relief from the pain. Meet screams in pain and hugs him. They share an eyelock. Meet stands on her feet, she sees that she can walk now. She says thank you to Manmeet. Shagun calls him. He talks to her. Meet asks him to switch off the light. He doesn’t listen. Meet throws a container at the switch board and switches off the light. Manmeet gets shocked.

Meet falls asleep. Next morning, Yashoda spots Meet inside the kitchen and asks her what she is doing there. Meet asks her to spare all the ladies as she is ready to make the dishes alone for the day. Yashoda laughs and calls all the ladies. She informs them about Meet’s proposal. She asks Meet to make twenty five dishes using traditional way of cooking like using clay pot etc. She asks Meet if she is ready. Meet says yes. Yashoda and other ladies leave the kitchen excluding Anuja. Anuja worries for Meet. Meet asks her to not worry as she knows how to manage. She does the preparations by chopping all the vegetables.

Gunwanti and other ladies keep an eye on Meet. Anuja says that Meet will do another miracle today. Gunwanti asks her to keep quiet. Meet wonders how to make butter using clay pot and a piece of wood. She sees Manmeet and calls him. She requests Manmeet to teach her how to make butter. Manmeet agrees and shows her the procedure. Meet then starts making makhan herself. Gunwanti asks Imarti to devise a plan in order to stop Meet. She gets an idea.

Sundari says it’s impossible for Meet to prepare so many dishes alone. She wonders why Meet took the responsibility all of a sudden. She gets worried thinking that Yashoda won’t spare Meet if she makes any single mistake. Anuja says that Meet won’t let anyone to help her. She says that she has faith in Meet if she has promised something she will do it anyhow. Anuja says that Meet never lost and she won’t lose in future too. Meet prepares the dish. Imarti keeps an eye on her. Meet keeps on stirring a dish. Imarti secretly pours a bucket of water on the utensils and wooden logs. Meet checks those and gets clueless. The episode ends.

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