Meet 15th June 2022 Written Update: Sunaina thanks Meet for opening her eyes


Meet 15th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet telling Sunaina that she is being selfish and she wants her baby out of adamance, she doesn’t want the baby genuinely. Meet says Sunaina got a chance to become mother of Ram and Lakhan but she didn’t accept them. Meet questions her which mother differentiate between a poor kid and a rich kid? All kids are same for a mother. Sunaina claps hearing that and says everytime she will remember Meet she will only curse the latter. Everyone gets shocked hearing that. Ram and Lakhan plead Sunaina to not leave the house. They say that they are unwanted kids and they will leave the house not Sunaina. Sunaina doesn’t listen to them tries to leave the house with her suitcase.

Ram and Lakhan go after her to stop her and Sunaina pushes away Lakhan. Lakhan’s head bumps into a wall and he gets injured in his head. He cries and screams. Raj scolds Sunaina for acting impulsively. Sunaina is left shocked to see Lakhan’s wound. Meet says if still Sunaina can’t see Lakhan’s pain and doesn’t show empathy to him then she has no right to call herself a mother. Ram and Lakhan always gave her the respect but she didn’t. Sunaina recalls how Ram and Lakhan showed love to her and saved her. Lakhan asks her not to leave. She realises her mistake and says she is not going to leave the house but will stay there being Ram and Lakhan’s mother only.

Everyone gets delighted hearing that and Sunaina hugs Lakhan. She apologises to both Ram and Lakhan for mistreating them, she stopped herself even after getting the scope to be happy. Now she will never hurt them. Meet tells Tej to join Sunaina, Ram and Lakhan. Tej thanks her for solving the problem. He hugs Sunaina and the kids. Meet says it’s time for performing Sunaina baby shower ritual. She makes Sunaina wear the necklace she is wearing. Sunaina sits with Ram and Lakhan for the ritual and Sunaina thanks Meet for opening her eyes. Everyone gives shagun to Sunaina and Masoom tells her that having own kids and adopting kids are different. Sunaina says but she will be able to maintain her figure for long time. Meet asks her to forgive her but Sunaina says she didn’t mind at all as Meet didn’t do anything wrong. Everyone clicks picture together.

Meet feels back ache and Anu gives her body massage. Anu says such uneasiness are common in pregnant women. She says Meet will go to her maternal home for the child delivery as during first pregnancy women should stay with their mothers as noone can take care of them better than mothers. Meet gets happy and Meet Ahlawat asks Anu why she is taking away Meet from him. He also wants to accompany them. They laugh seeing his reaction. Anu says she even booked hospital bed for Meet and the best doctor will do the delivery. She goes to meet Babita and then Meet Ahlawat feels bad that he has to stay away from Meet. Meet teases him as he is being childish. He hugs her. Babita tells Anu that she won’t allow Meet to leave. It surprises Anu.

Episode ends

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