Meet 15th March 2022 Written Update: Meet burns Hawa Singh bike


Meet 15th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mohan Lal saying that Meet will definitely win in his last breath. Meet says this is not an accident but a murder someone is keeping an eye on our activities. She sees R locket in her hand. The biker takes off his helmet and is none other than Hawa Singh. He meets with Ram and tells him that he send Mohan Lal to heaven from where he can’t come back and you gave the right information at the right time. Ram says to make sure not to get caught and let others know we are helping each other. Ram thinks of how he and Hawa Singh killed Ashok Hoodah and he recalls how he tried to harm Tej. Hawa Singh says we should take care of each other after all the common point between us is Ashok Hoodah’s death and this time also I saved you.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat goes to the police station to file a complaint. Constable asks the details of the biker and Meet tells what he remembers about the biker. Hawa Singh says there is a surprise waiting for you at home. Ram asks what is it. Hawa Singh asks him to have some patience Sir Ji and gives a hint that the person who gave you a headache needs to pay a little and goes on the bike. Ram thinks about what is he is going to do with Meet.

Meet calls Anubha and says Mohan Lal chacha is not anymore and the reason is me and he would not get killed if he didn’t agree to help me. Anubha says not to lose hope and now she has to get justice not only for her father but for Mohan Lal chacha also. Meet gets inspired and thanks to her Mom. At some distance, two constables talk about Hawa Singh’s new bike and she sees the bike and thinks it is the same bike that killed Mohan Lal chacha. Hawa Singh comes and talks about his new bike and says your father can never buy a bike like this as he is an honest person who never takes a bribe nor let others take it. He offers sweets to Meet and puts it in her mouth but she rejects it and pushes him away.

Meet says you killed not only my father but also Mohan Lal chacha. Hawa Singh says you are smart as you figured out everything but how can you prove that with this I murdered him as they are 15 bikes like this that came from the showroom, are you going to file a complaint on them all? you can’t do anything as I destroyed all proofs. Hawa Singh sees a stick and puts it in her hand and called her stupid girl and tries to provoke her and walks away.

Meet sees the stick and remembers what he said and beats the bike with the stick in anger and pours kerosene on it and burns it. Hawa Singh seeing it thinks he succeeded and tells a constable to file a complaint on Meet for burning a police officer’s bike and thinks to himself if a person can’t control his anger it will hurt only him and with this Meet will be in jail for 2 years. Constable brings Meet Ahlawat. Hawa Singh gets surprised.

Meet Ahlawat recalls how he sends Meet away. Meet Ahlawat takes her place and surrenders to the constable. Hawa Singh scolds constables and asks don’t you know the difference between this Meet and that Meet, She is a girl with short hair and the daughter of Ashok Hoorah. Meet says Sir my wife is a good person and she can’t do something like burning your bike and she is at home. Hawa Singh asks constable to take him to the Ahlawat mansion.

Sunaina opens the door. Hawa Singh tells them he has to take Meet for inquiry. Raj asks what his Meet Bahu did. Hawa Singh tells he has to arrest her. Raj asks him to show the warrant. Hawa Singh says Meet burned the police bike. Raj says she can’t do it. Hawa Singh asks if she applied mehedi. Meet tells exactly and shows her Mehendi. Constable checks her Mehendi is dried. Babita asks Raj why police came. Raj says Hawa Singh feels Meet burnt his bike. Babita says Meet set my room light then how can it happen. Isha tells Meet is with her 3 hours before and shows him the post of their movie date. Hawa Singh asks her to tell the story of the movie.

Episode ends.

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