Meet 15th March 2023 Written Update: Heartbreaking moment for Yashoda


Meet 15th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Gunwanti hits Manmeet. He screams. Gunwanti says it’s a ritual none can stop her. Meet wishes to get the same chance like her to beat Manmeet. Manmeet decides to concentrate on his plan. Sp Bhati wonders what he wants to do.

Manmeet spikes the thandai and offers a glass to Meet. She refuses. He makes her finish the glass forcefully. He then offers a glass to SP Bhati along with other males. Sp Bhati drinks the thandai. Manmeet plans to bring Meet and SP Bhati closer to record their video. He thinks that soon Meet Hooda will go away from his life.

Meet dances with Meghna. Manmeet comes there riding on his bike. He puts colours on Meet. Meet puts colours on him back. Meghna sees them and dreams about her happy family where all the members love each other. She gets teary eyed.

Gunwanti brings her back to her senses. Meghna wishes for her dream to come true and prays for Meet and Manmeet’s togetherness. Sarkar splashes water on Manmeet and questions him about his actions. Sp bhati keeps an eye on them. Sarkar asks Manmeet to do something. He warns him saying if Manmeet can’t beat Meet today he won’t be able to do it through out his life.

A little boy gives a note to Meet. Meet checks it and learns that someone is in danger, seeking her help and wants her to meet him. Meet goes to help that person. Sp bhati tries to go behind her. Sarkar and Manmeet stop him and offer him more thandai.

Meet slips all of a sudden and falls on to a mud pit. Flashback shows that Manmeet has prepared the mud pit earlier to frame Meet and SP Bhati. Sp Bhati tries to help Meet. They both fall on the mud pit. The come closer while trying to help each other. Manmeet laughs and records their video.

He plans to use the video to defame Meet and SP Hooda. He says that now Meet will have to leave him. Everyone returns home. Manmeet asks him to forget his past mistakes. Sarkar agrees. Yashoda calls Sarkar. She says that Sarkar didn’t put colour on her after thirty years.

She goes to apply colour on him. Sarkar holds her hand and says that they won’t apply colour on each other today. Everyone gets stunned. Sarkar pushes her back. Manmeet holds her and stops her from falling. Sarkar says that someone else will put colours on him this year.

A woman enters the house by covering her face under veil. She takes colours from Sarkar’s hand and puts it on his feet. Sarkar applies colours on her face. He removes her veil. Gunwanti recognises her and says that she is Jalebi, the younger sister of Imarti. Sarkar calls Jalebi his molki.

Yashoda bursts into tears. She falls on Sarkar’s feet. She says that she will die without Sarkar’s love. Sarkar says that she should have thought about it before doing any mistake. He says that he warned Yashoda that he will bring molki if she makes any mistake. So he kept his words according to him. Manmeet and Meet get teary eyed. The episode ends.

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