Meet 16th June 2022 Written Update: Meet gives shock to Ahlawats


Meet 16th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Babita explaining why she doesn’t want to send Meet to her maternal home. She says it will be tough for Anu to go for Meet’s regular check up. In her maternal home she won’t get that much luxury which she can get in her in laws’ house. Babita says she knows they will take care of Meet but she doesn’t want to take any risk. She won’t get AC or servants in her maternal home.

Masoom says Anu can’t bear the expenses of reputed hospital which Babita booked for Meet and its about Babita’s reputation in the society as well because if her friends know that Meet’s delivery didn’t happen in a big hospital then will be embarrassing for her. Anu gets disheartened hearing that and she leaves saying she has some important work to do. Babita tells Anu not to mind.

Meet overhears everything and stops Anu. She asks her why is she leaving. Anu makes an excuse that she changed her mind as there are many people in the house to take care of Meet so she won’t take her to maternal home. Anu gives her advises how to look after herself during pregnancy and leaves. Meet says its true that the mother of a married woman sacrifices a lot at every step. Sunaina finds boarding school forms for Ram and Lakhan which Tej filled up. He says he will buy ice cream for Ram and Lakhan, would she accompany them?

 Sunaina asks him about the forms and he replies he understood that he can’t raise Ram and Lakhan alone thus he decided to send them to boarding school. He wants to give good upbringing to them. Sunaina says he can’t take the decision alone, she is now with him and they both will handle the kids. Tej gets delighted hearing that and thanks her. She asks him to give her ice cream treat.

Masoom notices the gifts Meet got during baby shower, she feels jealous seeing the good qualities. Meet says she won’t have anything to do with all these. She gives the gifts to the house help. Masoom gets surprised seeing that and informs Babita about that. She says Meet did something unthinkable and how can she just give the gifts to the servants. She is just showing off. Babita says Meet is generous by nature. She doesn’t believe Masoom. Babita tells the house help to give kesar milk to Meet. Meet enjoys eating grapes outside. Babita and Masoom find her and Babita asks her to drink milk. Meet says she read somewhere that a celebrity took bath in kesar milk during pregnancy. So she demands that for herself.

Masoom tells Babita that Meet is changed. Babita says but her demand should be fulfilled as she is different than others. Babita tells Meet that she will arrange bath tub filled with kesar milk for her. Meet looks happy. Masoom provokes Babita that Meet is demanding outrageous things and it will increase with time. Babita says they can afford it easily and she will flaunt it in the kitty party too. Meet Ahlawat tells Masoom not to blame Meet.

Masoom says she has changed that’s the truth. Later she tells Meet Ahlawat to check the expenses after counting. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet what she is trying to do. Meet says she wants to take bath using milk only. Babita asks Meet to get ready for going to the city hospital for her delivery slot booking. Meet says she chose a standard hospital in New York. It shocks everyone. Meet says they will go to USA for her delivery. Masoom says City Hospital is also renowned. Meet says but she won’t get admitted there.

Meet Ahlawat asks Meet what happened to her suddenly, its too much now. Meet says she felt it right to deliver her child in New York. Masoom tells Babita that Meet is being so demanding after her baby shower. Meet tells her to check the hospital facilities in the New York. She says there will be attendants to take care of her needs. Babita agrees with her.

Episode ends

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