Meet 17th August 2022 Written Update: Meet loses her son in a car accident


Meet 17th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet and Meet Ahlawat coming towards the car to see their child. Suddenly one truck comes to hit the car and Meet and her husband signal Anubha to get out of the car immediately. But Anubha doesn’t understand at first what they are trying to say. When she realises the truck hits the car and it falls down the cliff. The car gets burnt and Meet and Meet Ahlawat get shocked to witness that. Popat holds Meet and another person holds Meet Ahlawat. They scream out of extreme shock. Meet Ahlawat becomes numb and leaves the place. Meet sits devastated. She opens her eyes in the hospital and asks Popat what happened to her child and Anubha. Popat says Anubha is in coma after the accident. She is undergoing treatment. Meet asks about her son that how is he? Popat doesn’t answer her and controls her tears.

Meet keeps on asking about her child and gets restless. She tries to leave and removes all the channels from her hand. Popat says her child is no more, doctors couldn’t save him. Meet breaks down to tears hearing that and looks broken. Meet Ahlawat recalls the mishap and screams. Babita makes all the arrangements to welcome Meet and her son. She says she will welcome Meet in the house happily which she didn’t do last time when Meet entered the house as bride. Ahlawats get excited to welcome junior Ahlawat. Meet comes back with Popat. Babita asks her about her son. They assume he is in the car. Meet remains silent and Popat reveals to everyone that Meet’s child is no more. God snatched him from them and its unfair to them. Popat says the whole story how Meet went to save Manushi and then the car accident happened.

Sunaina asks Meet how can she do this to her child? To save her cruel sister she forgot her child. Babita says they lost their heir and Meet tried saving the person who gave her so much pain. Why did she do that? Meet Ahlawat comes back home and Meet hugs him. She cries saying she is tired of fighting and now she needs his mental support to feel better. She regrets for not saving their son. Barfi separates Meet from Meet Ahlawat. Barfi’s daughter enters the mansion in bridal attire. Meet gets surprised and questions Meet Ahlawat who is this girl standing? He reveals she is his wife and he got married to her. Everyone stands shocked listening to that.

Episode ends

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