Meet 17th march 2022 Written Update: Meet surprises Ahlawat family in police officer uniform


Meet 17th march 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet asking Hawa Singh, is there any evidence that Meet is the one who burned your bike and if you don’t answer this question then I will ask this question infront of the media. Hawa Singh calls constable Imaan and asks if Meet was at the scene of the crime. Imaan answers yes he was. Then Meet asks constable whether he saw when Meet Ahlawat was burning the bike. Then constable answers no. Meet talks with constables who saw them and convinces them in her favor. Hawa Singh asks what are you saying? you are the one who said that Meet is burning your bike. Constable says Sir I never said anything like that when we went there your bike was already burning and nobody saw who burned your bike. Meet hearing this asks Hawa Singh to release Meet. Hawa Singh asks constable to release Meet Ahlawat. Meet and Meet Ahlawat leave hand in hand from the police station.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat come to the monument of Ashok Hoodah. Meet says to her father that she wants to become a police officer just like him to get the justice. Meet Ahlawat puts police cap on Meet that they brought. Seeing this all the people salute to Ashok Hoodah monument along with Meet and Meet Ahlawat.

Babitha and Masoom select jewelry to give to Meet on Holi festival as a gift. Meet Ahlawat calls all the family members to show them a surprise. Meet enters the house in police uniform. Babitha asks Meet what is this. Meet Ahlawat says that Meet has decided to become a police officer. Entire family gets shocked. Babitha asks Meet you took decision with out consulting the family. Meet says we just wanted to give you a surprise. Babitha says it’s a bad surprise and asks what is the reason for this decision. Meet says when Hawa Singh put Meet in handcuffs and taking him away we couldn’t do anything, my father said that if we want to clean the system it cannot be done from outside and to clean it we have to be inside the system. Babitha says you have your reasons but you are not only your father’s daughter but also Ahlawat’s family daughter in law. Meet Ahlawat tries to convince her mother and says Mom Meet’s father was murdered and we promised Meet that we will support her. Babitha says when did she say we will not support her we made a promise and we will stand on it, so now what Ahlawat family daughter in law will go criminals, rogues, pickpocketers if she wants to change law will she become a Supreme Court Judge. Raj tells her to calm down.

Meet asks his dad to convince mom. Babitha says she will not listen to anyone. Today is the adoption ceremony of Duggu and she doesn’t want any disturbance. She asks Meet to change her clothes and help family members. Meet Ahlawat calls his dad but Raj doesn’t respond and walks away. Seeing this Meet Ahlawat gets upset and walks upstairs. Masoom asks Meet what is her problem whenever there is a happy occasion you will do something that upsets the whole family and walks away.

Episode ends.

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