Meet 17th March 2023 Written Update: Meet makes a promise to Sarkar


Meet 17th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Yashoda says that she has followed every orders of Sarkar since the beginning. She says that she will fulfill Sarkar’s wish. Sarkar picks up the divorce papers and asks Yashoda to come outside. Sarkar announces that Yashoda has to remove her sindoor. He pours water on Yashoda and removes her sindoor. Manmeet and others cry seeing Yashoda’s helplessness. Sarkar says that he will perform a pre wedding ritual with Jalebi.

Manmeet asks him what about the precious thirty years Yashoda has devoted to Sarkar. Sarkar doesn’t reply him. He asks Jalebi to come forward and perform the ritual after him. Jalebi goes to perform the ritual. Meet hits Jalebi using a pot. The ritual gets halted. Sarkar warns Meet to stay in her limits. Meet says that just like the ritual she won’t let Sarkar marry Jalebi leaving Yashoda. Sarkar asks her for whom she is doing all these as Manmeet will kick her out of this house with in two days.

Meet says that she is doing this for her family, she won’t tolorate any injustice against any member of her family. She claims to not leave the house till her death. Sarkar says that his family doesn’t accept Meet. Meet says that with time the whole family will stand with her against him. She calls herself right and Sarkar wrong. Sarkar says that Sarkarpur follows his rules only. Meet holds Yashoda’s hand and promises to make Sarkar dance on her beats. Yashoda leaves her hand. She goes to her room and cries.

Manmeet says that he won’t let this marriage happen and asks Yashoda to come out. Sagun calls Yashoda and gets worried for her. Anuja cries for Yashoda. She tells the ladies that Meet won’t let Sarkar marry Jalebi. Sundari agrees and says that this marriage should not happen. Imarti and Jalebi come there. Gunwanti holds Imarti’s hand. Imarti warns her to leave her and says that Gunwanti will suffer first when Sarkar will marry her sister. She says that Gunwanti is jelous as Shagun could not get what Jalebi will get within the next five days. She says that her sister will become queen soon and leaves with Jalebi.

Shagun and Manmeet see that Yashoda has removed her ornaments and asks her why she has removed it. Yashoda says that she doesn’t need any ornaments but Sarkar. Manmeet hugs her. Imarti comes there with jalebi. She teases Yashoda. Manmeet warns her to watch her words and kick them both out of the room. Shagun blames Meet for this situation. Manmeet says that he won’t spare Meet. He approaches Meet. He pushes her and calls her wrong. He blames Meet for Yashoda’s misfortune.

He vents his anger. He says that Meet has committed a big mistake and he won’t forgive her ever for this. He promises to give Meet the same ammount of pain like Yashoda. Meet stands on a piece of wood. Manmeet pours buckets of water and puts electric wire in that water. He cries while describing Yashoda’s pain and sufferings to her. Meet gets teary eyed. The episode ends.

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