Meet 18th August 2022 Written Update: Meet demands explanations from Meet Ahlawat


Meet 18th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet questioning Meet Ahlawat what is all this? Who is this girl and he belongs to Meet Hooda then why he is saying he married someone else? Meet removes the garland of Meet Ahlawat and demands explanations from him. Meer Ahlawat remains silent and Barfi holds Meet’s hand tightly. She tells her to not call someone else’s husband as her own. Barfi says Meet Ahlawat is her son in law. Everyone gets shocked to hear that. Babita says it means Meet Ahlawat married Barfi’s daughter. But why so?

Babita slaps Meet Ahlawat and asks him he didn’t even feel the need to discuss this with his family. How can he marry for the second time when they lost the heir of this family and Raj is not fully recovered yet from the heart transplant. Tej asks Meet Ahlawat to say something why he betrayed Meet. Ragini says Meet Ahlawat knew Manjiri is Meet then why he took this sudden decision. Ram scolds Meet Ahlawat as he used to be the ideal son of the family. Meet Ahlawat replies he doesn’t want to explain anything to anyone. Its his choice and he will not give any justifications.

Meet asks Meet Ahlawat that why he took this step suddenly? He was flirting with Manjari and wanted to marry her. Then why he married another girl out of nowhere. He has to answer her. Meet Ahlawat replies he gave her last chance to tell the truth but she didn’t. She took all the risk and wanted to be great by saving their son but she forgot he is her husband and he has the right to know everything. She left him and didn’t share anything with him thinking he won’t be able to handle the situation as he is not capable of that. But she didn’t feel his pain, she didn’t think he is worthy too. But due to her overconfidence he lost his child and couldn’t even hold him in his arms. He considers Meet as their child’s killer. He says now he won’t give her any explanations why he married Barfi’s daughter.

Barfi says now they know the reason of marriage so she hopes that they will welcome her daughter in the house. Just like she also welcomed Isha in her house by going against her will. Babita says she wont accept her as their daughter in law, neither they will perform aarti. Popat claps and tells Meet Ahlawat that he didn’t think from Meet’s perspective how she went through depression. She gave her best to find her son and she wanted to bring back her son for Ahlawats only. She stayed like an outsider with her own family and all she did just to get back her child. She cried alone but Meet Ahlawat easily blamed her.

As a mother she also lost her child not just Meet Ahlawat. He replies she didn’t even give her a hint when he asked her to reveal the truth. She saved her cruel sister but not her baby. Now because of her mistake he lost his baby twice. Barfi tells Meet Ahlawat to fulfil his responsibility towards her daughter. Ragini refuses to perform aarti of Barfi’s daughter and Meet Ahlawat says she is his wife and now noone can stop her from entering this house. He goes inside with his wife.

Episode ends

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