Meet 18th January 2022 Written Update: Meet meets with an accident


Meet 18th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet return parcels recalling Anubha’s words that she doesn’t like to take money from her. Meet Ahlawat feels suffocated recalling Manushi’s touch then he thinks Manushi was my past and I have Meet in my life so Manushi can’t affect me. He recalls Meet assignment and he practices it on their mirror that Meet trusts Meet in tears and it can’t calm him then he searches for the keychain he took from Meet but he doesn’t get it then he calls Meet and says I know you’re busy but please return home asap as I need you. Meet says she is free. Meet Ahlawat asks if she is fine. Meet says I’m fine and returning to home. Meet stands in the middle of the road recalling Anubha’s words, Some biker dashes with Meet, and she gets hurt. Surrounding people helps her.

Sunaina asks Babita where is Tej? I want to meet him. Babita says you’re not leaving him that’s why I sent him far. Sunaina says why you’re hating me? I didn’t remarry with my wish and I broke the marriage. Babita says you suhaagrat happened with Ravi and which can’t be removed and I won’t let my son have leftovers of someone. Sunaina says please believe me Ravi didn’t even stay in my room. Sunaina asks which proof she has to prove it? So leave from here and don’t dare to take Tej’s name. Sunaina leaves then Babita calls someone to bring Tej.

Meet Ahlawat waits for Meet as he lost his confidence post kitchen incident. Meet returns home and thinks to hide her pain from Meet Ahlawat. She goes to him happily and asks what happened. Meet Ahlawat recalls kitchen incident, he touches her hand to tell. She wrenches in pain then he asks if she got hurt. Meet tries to deny but Meet Ahlawat notices blood is coming from her wounds, he scolds her and bandages her wounds then he notices she is limping then he takes her to their room by lifting her in his arms. Manushi gets angry seeing them.

Ragini brings Tej to Babita’s room and she says Sunaina has some relationship with Tej and I won’t think we are doing good. Babita says it’s for Tej and today I hurt Sunaina badly and now she is not going to be stubborn to stay here. Meet asks what he wanted to talk with her. Meet Ahlawat says nothing is important than you so take a rest and he makes her have water. Meet thinks to talk with him next day. Meet Ahlawat makes her sleep.

Next day Babita on call asks her team to send the dress on time which she designed for Meet. Hoshiyar asks Raj which precious gift he got on Lohri. Raj says Babita’s love confession. Babita takes him aside and asks him to not reveal their romance to kids. Raj says they have to teach them. They notice Sunaina bringing Tej with her. Babita is about to say something but stops seeing Duggu. Duggu tells everyone how he is excited for Lohri. Meet and Meet Ahlawat comes downstairs and they takes blessings of elders. Meet asks Sunaina to bless her as she wants to fulfill a relationship like her. Babita says she doesn’t know how to fulfill a relationship otherwise she may never enter here as a servant. She says Ragini will tell you about the procedure of Lohri. Ragini says we have pooja in the evening so come home on time. Meet agrees. Anubha arrives there and says Meet will stay at home only, am I right? Meet recalls her Mom words. Manushi tries to take her blessings but Anubha stops her. Meet and Meet Ahlawat takes her blessings. Anubha hugs Meet and asks if she didn’t inform her in-laws that she doesn’t need to work at the delivery center? How much do you want me to feel embarrassed in front of them?

Episode ends.

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