Meet 19th February 2022 Written Update: Meet and Meet share their first kiss


Meet 19th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sunaina saying don’t believe me but see the sky and you will remember me after sharing the first kiss. Isha teases Meet then she gives tips to her. Ragini warns her to leave. Isha leaves then Sunaina explains to Meet about the first kiss very beautifully. Later Meet thinks Sunaina and Isha words in the garden and thinks about how can violin plays if anyone shares the first kiss and she rubbishes their words and enjoys throwing the water and twirls happily throwing flower petals. Meet Ahlawat gets mesmerized seeing her and he moves towards her and removes feather from her lips and he kisses her on the cheek. Meet turns to another side in shock. Meet Ahlawat turns her towards him and they share their first kiss. Meet smiles seeing him and runs from that place.

Meet touches her lips and thinks Sunaina bhabhi was correct and Ragini Chachi said person will share the first kiss with one they love so it means dodu ram loves me and she dances with Dupatta while recalling her first kiss with Meet Ahlawat. The next day Meet wakes up and dreams that she is dancing with her husband seeing him. Meet Ahlawat wakes up and asks her to get her tea. Meet thinks to confess to him that she loves him preparing the good tea. Meet Ahlawat asks why she is going to the washroom. Meet tells him she is going to change then she slips seeing and goes out to prepare tea. Meet Ahlawat gets a headache and shouts for tea then he recalls last night incident that he kissed Meet and he recalls his promise that he won’t touch her without her permission and he thinks what if Meet gets angry on me and he imagines that Meet is scolding him for breaking her trust in him. Meet Ahlawat apologies to her and she gets disappeared.

Meet Ahlawat calls Hoshiyar and tells him he ordered tea from Meet without remembering last night’s events and he sees Meet coming and he closes the door. Meet asks why it’s closed. Meet Ahlawat tells it’s jammed. Meet tells she will help him and goes to get a screwdriver. That time Meet Ahlawat rushes to his car and he calls Deepu and Hoshiyar. Meet sees the door is opened and she goes out and sees Meet Ahlawat is leaving in the car. Meet thinks where is he leaving in the night suite and she thinks to ask Sunaina if Tej also behaved like Meet Ahlawat post their first kiss. Masoom sees list of food she has to prepare for a day then she asks Sunaina to prepare food telling her she has a meeting at Duggu school. Sunaina takes the list. Meet stops her and tells her today is Sunday. Masoom tells she forgot that it’s Sunday in work tension. Meet gives her list. Masoom leaves. Meet tells Sunaina that she has to ask her something. Sunaina asks what she wants to know. Ragini asks Meet where Meet went.

Episode ends.

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