Meet 19th September 2022 Written Update: Meet reveals Neelam’s truth to Meet Ahlawat during Visarjan


Meet 19th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat going with the idol to complete the Visarjan and everyone gets drenched due to rain but there’s enough excitement can be seen. Meet goes towards Meet Ahlawat to tell him the truth of Neelam and Neelam chases her to stop her from making the revelation. Some police personnel make an announcement to be careful as there’s marsh due to rainfall and anyone can get stuck there, it’s dangerous. Neelam suddenly slips due to mud and she pushes Meet Ahlawat by mistake. He falls into the marsh holding the idol. Ahlawats start panicking and they try to save him.

Meet Ahlawat gets stuck there and Meet rushes to him. She tells him not to move much else he will not be able to get up. The police recognises Meet and she tells them to arrange rope for saving Meet Ahlawat. He ties the rope around a tree and she ties the other part around her waist. She gets into the marsh to help Meet Ahlawat get up. Everyone pulls the rope with all strength and finally Meet and her husband get saved. Meet Ahlawat stares at her. Neelam feels sad seeing them together. Babita thanks Meet saying she knew only Meet can risk her life to save her husband and she is grateful towards her.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat go to sacrifice the idol in the water and he thanks Meet for saving him. She says Ganpati bappa not just saved him but she also found the real thief within 48 hours. He asks it means she doesnt have the money? She replies he knows that too but it’s Neelam who stole it. He gets shocked to know that and asks why would she do that? She replies because Neelam hates her. She says she will explain everything later. After the Visarjan someone throws a garland in the air and it falls on Meet and her husband. They share an eye lock.

Meet thinks how to unite Raj and Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat feels dizzy and she holds him. Doctor says he inhaled some toxic gases from the marsh thus he fainted due to less oxygen supply in brain. He advises him to drink lukewarm water to detoxify himself. Neelam says she will take care of that. Meet Ahlawat opens his eyes and she says she was worried for him. He asks Babita why Raj didnt come to see him yet , or he doesn’t love him anymore? He hates his son now and it would have been better if he died today. Babita asks him not to utter such words again. Raj loves him. Raj overhears that and Ram sees him. He tells him to go inside but Raj says he came here to find his bahubeta not Meet Ahlawat. He doesn’t care for him anymore. Meet thinks wish some miracle can unite the father and the son. Raj is stopping himself from showing care and Meet Ahlawat is also dying to get his love.

Episode ends

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