Meet 19th September 2023 Written Update: Bilawar plans against Sumeet


Meet 19th September 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shlok confronts the girl who was recording him and she falls in his arms. Shlok leaves her and she falls on the ground. She keeps joking using dialogues from bollywood. She tells about her brother inviting Adil to become her finance. Shlok corrects her when she makes mistake in dialogues. Shlok tells even he is interested in Hindi movies . Later she asks him to make her fall in love with him if he wants to marry or her or else he has to leave empty handed. She goes from there hearing her brother’s voice.

Sumeet chants Ganapati Bappa Morya and sees the bubbles flying around. She recalls Shlok telling her to feel he is near her everytime she sees bubbles. Both Sumeet and Shlok feel they are near each other. Naaz’s brother turns out to be Bilawar. He greets Shlok who is disguised as Adil. Bilwar asks why his face looks similar as if they had a recent encounter. Shlok recalls being chased by him in the market. He jokes around and Bilwar doesn’t doubt him anymore. Bilwar tells Shlok that inspite of being in US he still has Pakistani soul and Adil is kind of guy he wants for his sister Naaz.

Naaz’s sister in law, Zainab serves juice and tells she will bring something to eat. Constable comes to Bilwar and tells him to sign on file of Indian spies who were caught. Bilwar asks about Shlok’s whereabouts, the constable says they can go through his social media profiles and find information about his family. Shlok thinks now they will find information about him but the page shows unavailable as soon as Bilwar tries to access it. Shlok realises Sumeet must have done it. Sumeet decides she needs to remove all the social media information so that no one can use her being Shlok’s wife as a disadvantage against him.

Shlok tells Bilwar that his luggage was stolen at airport and Zainab also tells about losing her phone in the market. Shlok realises phone that guy found was hers. Here, Sumeet prays to God to show her a way to reach Shlok and Akki. Her band mate comes and informs her about their singer not be available and wonders how they will perform in the cultural event without singer. Sumeet smiles saying she has found a way out to help her.

Bilwar tells his men that now he will see how the girl who has insulted her will perform. Shlok thinks who is person who has left cruel person like Bilwar so annoyed. Bilwar’s grandfather sides with India and says about both countries being same but it’s him having hatred in mind. Shlok asks Naaz who is he and she tells how their grandfather was left in Pakistan after partition but his heart is still in India . Sumeet again meets Bilwar who questions her where her other bandmates are and if there is any problem. Sumeet answers him well and the episode ends with Sumeet getting it published on posters for needing singer to perform while Shlok is just behind her.