Meet 1st August 2022 Written Update: Manushi warns Meet to not save Isha’s life


Meet 1st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet going to talk to Meet Ahlawat about the dowry matter. She falters and Meet Ahlawat saves her from falling. He thinks it’s the right time to romance with Manjari so that Meet feels jealous. He gets close to her and removes the flowers from her hair and face. She feels shy and he praises her beauty. She says she wants to talk about something really important and if she doesn’t tell him now it will be too late.

Ragini stops Meet and says Isha is finding it hard to decide what to wear on her engagement so she wants Manjari to help her. Ragini drags Manjari to the room and Meet Ahlawat also tells her to help Isha. Ragini requests Manjari to not come out of the room and she will not lock her inside the room thinking Manjari won’t cross her line by trying to tell the truth. Ragini says she doesn’t want to do that which Ram said yesterday. But Manjari should not do anything which will force her to tell Manjari’s truth to Raj.

Meet thinks she can’t stay quiet. Kunal gets tired after visiting many orphanages to find a kid for Popat. All refused to give them a kid and Popat says she thinks Kunal is smart and he can find one kid for her on his own. Kunal says he knows one kid who can be adopted without any such formalities. Popat thinks he must be talking about Meet’s son. Manushi calls Kunal and scolds him for not arranging a kid for Popat. She calls him useless and Popat provokes Kunal against Manushi saying she doesnt respect her husband. Meet comes out of the room in a decorator’s get up and covers her head with veil. Meet Ahlawat goes to check the main gate decoration.

Ragini asks Meet to decorate the place properly and she goes near Meet Ahlawat. She tells him everything regarding Barfi’s demands and how she is blackmailing Ram and Ragini to give her the Laxmi idol. They are also feeling helpless and fulfilling her demands for Isha’s happiness. They even threatened Manjari to reveal her truth to Raj but she wants to inform Meet Ahlawat about his sister so that he doesn’t blame her in future.

Manushi removes Meet’s veil and the latter gets shocked seeing her. Manushi says only Meet Hooda can care for Ahlawats and Isha so is she Meet? Meet says definitely not. Manushi says then why does she care whatever is happening with Isha. She should focus on her goal that is to marry Meet Ahlawat for money. She adds Masoom invited her here and she wanted to inform Manjari about an orphan kid whom Popat can adopt without formalities. But she changed her mind seeing Manjari’s attitude. Meet pleads her not to cancel the deal between them. She was stupid that she wanted to save Isha because in the end her truth will get exposed if Isha’s marriage gets cancelled because of her. She won’t get money. Manushi agrees and says if Manjari does any mistake now she won’t give her the kid.

Barfi meets Ragini and Ram. Babita brings Raj and he meets Barfi. Barfi says her guests will come to the five star resort directly not here. She asks Ragini whether they told Manjari to shut her mouth. Ragini nods. Isha comes downstairs with Meet and Masoom. Barfi compliments Isha. Meet Ahlawat asks Masoom why she invited Manushi here. Masoom says it’s for business purpose only. Deep gets happy to see Isha and the latter says she is really excited for their wedding. Barfi asks about Laxmi to Ragini and Babita thinks she is asking about Isha. Ragini says it’s ready. Meet thinks if she won’t do anything, Isha’s wedding will be over and she decides to tell everything to Meet Ahlawat anyhow.

Episode ends

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