Meet 1st July 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat tries to verify if Manjiri is Meet


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The episode starts with Hosiyar taking Meet Ahlawat to a tea stall and they discuss about what to do next. Duggu calls Hosiyar and asks him to come back soon as he is missing him. Duggu learns about the address cleverly from Hosiyar and Babita hugs him for that. She gets excited to meet Manjiri with the kids of the house. Meet Ahlawat takes the tea cup and recalls how he used to drink tea with Meet. He throw away the cup saying he doesn’t want to remember that cheater. Hosiyar says he should not misunderstand Meet like that. Maybe there was a valid reason why she left him just like Hosiyar also left Masoom to become independent as he was tired of obeying her. So in Meet’s case the truth can be different.

Manushi dances on Gulabo song and Kunal cheers her up. Anubha comes back home and Manushi asks her if she can help the latter by giving some money just how Meet used to do that for her as well. Anubha says Manushi should not compare herself with Meet as Meet always taught her mother to be independent and strong. Anubha says she earns enough to take responsibility of her family so Manushi doesn’t need to worry. Kunal tells Manushi that she has become popular as Miss Missi so she should stay in a luxurious place. Manushi slaps him saying she is already angry hearing Anubha’s taunts. Meet is not here but still she is troubling her.

Meet Ahlawat calls Anubha and Manushi picks it up. He tells her that he wants to say something about Meet so they should meet at a place. Manushi doesn’t reply and she thinks what Meet Ahlawat wants to say to Anubha. Meet Ahlawat gets surprised seeing Manushi at the market and asks her why is she here. Manushi says he can trust her and tell about her sister as her family is really worried for her sister. Meet Ahlawat thinks he can’t tell her about Manjiri, he notices Manjiri is coming and he shouts at Manushi and tells her to mind her own business. Manushi leaves angrily and Manjiri thinks Meet Ahlawat argues with all women, she passes by and Meet Ahlawat hides with her behind his car before Manushi sees Manjiri. He keeps his hand on Manjiri’s mouth. She gets up and her new bangle breaks which she bought from the market.

She asks him what’s his problem why he is breaking her bangles and now he has to pay for that. He denies and says he was just trying hide her from Manushi. Manjiri recalls Miss Missi’s videos and says she is her big fan and watches all her make up tutorials. But Meet is lying that Manushi was looking for her. Babita is about to leave with the kids but then she thinks she should inform Meet Ahlawat once. She calls him but Meet Ahlawat cuts the call. Manjiri sees that and adds that he doesn’t even respect his mother so she doesn’t want to talk to such a rude man. She tries to leave and Meet holds her hand. She screams for help and leaves.

Manushi sees a dream that Meet has come in front of her and she faints seeing her. Her phone rings, Manjiri goes to talk to a flower seller and thanks him for doing a favour on her. His hand gets injured and she tells him to go to a doctor and till then she will handle the customers. Meet Ahlawat searches for her and Manjiri and she hides seeing him. He finds her and asks her to give him flowers. She can’t reject a customer thinking about the seller’s loss. So she shows up and gives him the flowers. He stares at her and then leaves without paying. She catches him and says he should pay but he throws away the flowers saying he didn’t buy it. She asks him to pay for the loss and for her broken bangles too. He ignores her and thinks if she is Meet she will snatch his wallet, someone puts hand in his pocket and he holds the hand.

Episode ends

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