Meet 20th August 2022 Written Update: Meet stops Barfi to reveal the truth to Raj


Meet 20th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat saying that he doesn’t want to hide things from his family so he is giving Meet the divorce papers in front of all so that Neelam gets her rightful place in the family. Meet tears the divorce papers saying he wants to prove her wrong but the truth is he wronged her by marrying for the second time. Without divorce noone will accept his second marriage and it won’t be legal as well. She leaves. Barfi thinks she will introduce Neelam to Raj that now she is Meet Ahlawat’s wife and not Meet Hooda.

Meet sits heartbroken and there Meet Ahlawat gets lost in thoughts. Meet meets Anubha and gets emotional seeing her condition. She says she wanted to spend time with her mother but it couldn’t happen, she didn’t want to hide the truth from Ahlawats but she was desperate to get back her child from Manushi. She couldnt afford to take risk as Masoom stays there and she could have revealed her real identity to Manushi but now everything is over. She says Meet Ahlawat hurt her beyond limits by bringing a second wife.

Meet Ahlawat goes to Raj’s room with Neelam and Barfi. Barfi tells Neelam to touch Raj’s feet but Meet stops them saying Raj will take three days to recover so they should not give him a shock now. She won’t let anyone put Raj’s life in risk. They can tell him everything after three days. Meet Ahlawat agrees with her and says they should wait.

Barfi says fine and after three days Meet has to leave this house. Meet says that will be known later who is leaving, she or Barfi and her daughter. Barfi leaves the room. She sees Isha and recalls that she killed Deep. Isha tells her family that how will she face Deep now as her brother married his sister. She takes blessings from Barfi and the latter asks her to take Neelam to Meet Ahlawat’s room. Isha says she can’t obey her as thats Meet’s room. Barfi tells that she can understand as Isha falls sick. She tells Meet Ahlawat that she is his wife thus he should take her to his room. Meet Ahlawat tells Sunaina to do that but the latter denies. He calls a house help but Barfi indirectly warns Meet Ahlawat about Isha that his sister is okay because of him so he should take care of his wife in the same way. Meet Ahlawat agrees and takes Neelam to his room.

Episode ends

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