Meet 20th July 2022 Written Update: Popatrani advises Meet to reveal her identity to Meet Ahlawat


Meet 20th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Duggu stumbling and falling on the fan. He gets electrocuted. Masoom shouts to call electrician. A person in a red dress cut the electricity from the main board and saves his life and it turns out to be Meet. Masoom and others feel relaxed seeing Duggu is taking breaths and he is out of danger. Everyone assumes Santosh saved Duggu and praises him. Manushi meets Manjari and says glad you’re fine. She gifts her badge telling she is her best fan and best friend. Manushi asks her to consider her as her sister. Manjiri smiles and leaves from there hiding her frustration.

Meet performs Tandav in Shiv Ji temple recalling whatever happened with her in the past. Meet Ahlawat wakes up in shock thinking about a video where Meet asked him to forget her. Popat Rani asks Meet Hoodah to stop punishing yourself and tell Meet Ahlawat that you’re Meet Hoodah. Why you’re not revealing to him as you love eachother and no one can separate you guys.

Meet Ahlawat breaks the glass and says how dare you come into my dreams I hate you.

Meet says she can’t tell him that she is Meet. Popat rani says if you have shown Masum’s video to Meet Ahlawat then the truth would have been out and if you have the video to police then Manushi would have been in jail. Meet says she has to control her anger until she reaches her goal. Today by deleting the video infront of Manushi I made them believe that I am not Meet.

Meet Ahlawat says he will find out the truth why you came as Manjari into this house again. Meet says I have to continue this drama until I find out about my child. When I came out of the fire it took me a few months to become Manjari. Popat Rani says if you want you could have escaped from that room but you did not escape and hugged death. Meet says she knows they are keeping an eye on her if I am Manjari or Meet so I had to stay. Popat says she understands but she can’t understand why did you save Manushi’s child today.

Meet says if I didn’t then what would have been the difference between her and me. I know the pain of losing their child and how can I give this pain to others even if it is Manushi. The child did not do anything. Popat Rani says she is with her. Meet gives Aarthi to Shiv and takes an oath in front Of God that she will wear the mask of Manjari until she finds out about her child. She prays the god to give her courage.

Meet Ahlawat sees the broken bangles and thinks of what happened last night. He thinks hope Manjari didn’t leave the house. Isha practices with her family for her Sangeet. Tej records it. Meet Ahlawat from the steps sees Manjari join them. He notices marks on Manjari’s hand and thinks she got hurt in the last night. Manjiri asks them to do well so she can get more students.

 Isha asks Meet Ahlawat to join them telling Manjari is teaching good steps. Meet Ahlawat thinks thank God nothing has happened last night otherwise she may leave the house. He asks them to continue and leaves saying he has work. Meet Hoodah thinks she will remove the pain of Meet Ahlawat once she reached her destination.

Episode ends.

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