Meet 20th November 2022 Written Update: Dadi does a hunger strike in Ahlawat’s mansion


Meet 20th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Ishani asking Meet how can they look for Meet Ahlawat in this huge hospital. Meet recalls seeing Meet Ahlawat and his surroundings and says to Ishani that Meet Ahlawat is in a place where there are stands etc and says it might be the store room. Meet and Ishani go to the store room. Meet and Ishani search in the store room for Meet but they couldn’t find Meet Ahlawat but they find blood marks on the floor. Meet sees the blood marks and confirms this is the place where Meet Ahlawat is tortured.

Masum comes to Dadi. Dadi asks Masum what is she doing here? Masum says to Dadi that everyone thinks Meet kidnapped Meet Ahlawat and says Meet ran away because of fear. Dadi says this is not the truth and says if this is the truth she will show what she can do to the Ahlawat family. Dadi leaves from there.

Meet says to Ishani they have to search for Meet Ahlawat as quickly as possible. The inspector says to Babita that they will follow the evidence and says they will first examine the video. Police leaves from there. Dadi comes and reminds Raj what she said last time. Raj tries to calm her down. Babita says to Dadi that they didn’t forget the slap that she gave Meet Ahlawat and also her warning and says she is not the one who is pointing the fingers and shows the video that Meet admits she is the one who kidnapped Meet Ahlawat.

Meet is shown to be searching for Meet Ahlawat in the hospital. Dadi says she will not believe just because of a video that Meet did something wrong. Babita asks Dadi to stay here and says the police are going to bring Meet here and says the truth will be infront of her. Dadi also says she will do a hunger strike in the Ahlawat’s house until Meet brings Meet Ahlawat.

Meet recalls the word that she gave to Babita and the deadline time. Meet feels helpless as she couldn’t find Meet Ahlawat.

Ragini asks Dadi to drink some water. Dadi says she will not drink water until Meet brings Meet Ahlawat. Ragini says she will suffer. Dadi says this suffering is nothing infront of the suffering that Meet is going through and says the God will help Meet if he wants her to light Diya again to him. Ragini comforts Dadi.

Laila takes Meet Ahlawat in a car. Meet and Ishani see this. Meet and Ishani try to go after the car. Meet goes after the car. Laila sees that Meet is not dead and coming after their car. Laila recalls herself burying Meet and thinks of how did she escape. Ishani comes in a car and asks Meet to get in the car. Ishani assures Meet they will find them soon. Babita gives Aarti to God. Everyone prays to God.

Ishani and Meet search for Laila’s car but they couldn’t find the car. Meet tells Ishani to take right. Meet gets frustrated as they couldn’t even see Laila’s car and thinks of why can’t they find them. Ishani says they went pretty fast.

Episode ends.

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