Meet 21st June 2022 Written Update: Meet gets disheartened hearing the truth from Meet Ahlawat


Meet 21st June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the make up artist doing make up of Meet. She says she doesn’t like make up at all. She teases him and then Meet Ahlawat comes to her. She asks him how is she looking? He compliments her and she says though girls used to be mad for him but she was also no less. She used to scare all the local boys. Meet Ahlawat laughs loudly and Meet feels strange. She asks him if something is wrong.

 He is about to tell her about the last night incident but Tanya calls them. She clicks Meet and Meet Ahlawat’s pictures in different poses. Meet asks her to record a video. Meet sits with her husband and starts praising Meet Ahlawat for his good nature. She says he is such a genuine and a kind hearted person whom every girl wants in her life. He will be the best father and he is a great son as well as a great husband.

Meet Ahlawat suddenly gets up and says he wants to tell her something. He won’t hide anything from her. Tanya tries to stop him but he says let us be. Meet Ahlawat explains he was drunk last night in the party and he was seeing Meet everywhere, he even saw her reflection in Tanya. He then kissed Tanya thinking she is Meet. He was only missing her. He is not trying to cover up his mistake but he admits he was wrong.

Meet gets shocked to hear that and leaves the place. Meet Ahlawat tries to talk to her but in vain. He shares the issue with his family and Babita asks him what the hell is he talking about. Meet Ahlawat says he didn’t realise it was Tanya. Raj says it means yesterday Meet Ahlawat was feeling guilty for that reason.

Meet Ahlawat says he is right but will Raj change his answer now. Raj says he won’t change that, but Meet Ahlawat should think from Meet’s point of view once. She must be very upset. Meet Ahlawat says he can understand her feelings. Meet cries in her room and Anubha worries seeing her silence.

Meet talks to her alter ego which says she lacks that beauty which Tanya has. Meet Ahlawat is not at fault but he likes such beautiful girls who is modern like Tanya. Meet shuts her up saying she won’t blame herself for her husband’s mistake. A relationship lasts due to loyalty only.

Meet Ahlawat comes to meet her and forcibly enters the room. Meet says she doesn’t want to talk to him, he says he didn’t hide the truth from her, their love is true and pure and he was drunk and was missing her also thus he made the mistake. He could have hid the matter from her but he didn’t. She asks him if she made the same mistake instead of him then what would be his reaction? She says he broke her trust and it will take time to forget all these. He tries to convince her but she says he came here for his own peace of mind, not to say sorry to her.

Meet Ahlawat says he knows she is angry at him and doesn’t want to see his face but he wants to talk to their baby. He goes down on his knees and tells the baby that he has made a mistake and he is guilty for that but he can’t live without his wife and child. He asks the baby to convince Meet. Meet says he may leave now. He leaves upset, at dining table Ahlawats look upset and Meet Ahlawat thinks Meet said she needs time to forget the matter and he feels how much time she needs to come back to him.

Episode ends

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