Meet 21st November 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat regains consciousness


Meet 21st November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Meet seeing Laila leaving with Meet Ahlawat in a car. Meet and Ishani try to follow Laila’s car. Laila tells the driver to drive quickly. Meet tells Ishani to drive quickly. Meet sees Laila’s car and calls for Meet Ahlawat. Meet asks Laila to stop the car. Laila asks the driver to get rid of Meet’s car. Laila asks the driver to get to the airport as quickly as possible. The police are shown to be searching for Meet Ahlawat and Meet by checking each cars. Meet sees there are her posters everywhere and thinks if they saw her then it will be a problem. Laila worries that if the police saw Meet Ahlawat they will identify him. Meet thinks if the police check Laila’s car it will be good as they will identify Meet Ahlawat. Ishani agrees. Laila bandages Meet Ahlawat face so that the police couldn’t identify him. The police check Laila’s car and asks Laila to untie the bandage as they want to see his face. Laila makes up a reason saying her husband got into an accident and his face is completely disfigured. The police allow them to leave.

Meet sees the police are allowing Laila’s car to leave. Meet is about to get down from the car. Ishani stops Meet and reminds her posters are all over here and says once they escape from the police they will catch them. Meet covers her face with Dupatta and goggles to hide her face. The police asks Meet to take off her goggles and mask. Babita prays to God to bring Meet Ahlawat to her. The inspector says to the constable to check other cars. The inspector introduces himself to Meet as Rahul and says they used to be in the same class in the police academy. He says he knows that she couldn’t do something like kidnapping her husband and allows them to leave. Ishani drives the car from the police. Ishani stops at Y junction. Ishani says these 2 routes go to the airport and says one is long and the road is neat. The other road is short cut but the road is not good. Meet says to Ishani to take left. Laila tells the driver to drive quickly. The car tyre gets punctured. Laila tells the driver to fix it quickly and get out of here. The driver tries to fix the car tyre. Meet and Ishani reach the car. The driver seeing them escapes from the car. Laila also escapes from the car leaving Meet Ahlawat locked in the car.

Meet and Ishani try to get Meet Ahlawat out of the car. They look for something to break the car window. Laila sees Ishani alone and hits her with an iron rod. Meet tries to unlock the car door. Meet sees Laila coming behind her from the car rear view mirror. Meet defends herself. Laila bites Meet’s hand to escape from her. Laila tries to gouge out Meet’s eyes. Meet holds Laila and bangs her head on the car. Laila gets out of Meet’s hold and says she is doing all this because Laila likes Meet Ahlawat and says she spoiled her whole plan. Laila says she is going to celebrate Diwali with Meet Ahlawat and tells her to look how she is going to celebrate. Laila opens the car bonnet and in it are fire crackers. Laila says if Meet Ahlawat couldn’t be hers then he will be no one else’s. Laila lights the fire crackers with a cigarette lighter and says happy Diwali. Meet tries to stop the fire. Laila sees Meet distracted and hits Meet in the back of her head with a rod. Meet gets dizzy. Laila tries to tie up Meet. Meet Ahlawat regains little consciousness.

Episode ends.

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