Meet 21st September 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat agrees to go on a trip with Neelam


Meet 21st September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat telling Neelam that he is in this marriage as he has no choice so she should stop thinking he will leave her. He can’t do that. Meet overhears that. Neelam asks him what is the reason? He replies he can’t reveal that to her and no distraction can change his mind. He will try his best to fulfil her duties towards Neelam as a husband. Before that she has to promise she won’t take any drastic step again. Neelam promises him and says she wants to go on a short trip with him in her village to forget all the tensions. They will meet her relatives there and will also go for Kuldevi darshan. Meet Ahlawat agrees to go with her and leaves. Neelam gets happy. Meet thinks why he married Neelam she has to find out the reason. Meet Ahlawat meets Isha who says she wants to meet Manish whom she hit with her car by mistake. Meet Ahlawat recalls Deep’s death and scolds Isha for her adamance. He says Manish is fine and now Isha should forget him. Meet notices that.

Isha cries and Meet consoles her saying Meet Ahlawat loves her a lot and she should not be upset. Isha says he changed after marrying Neelam. Meet asks about Manish and Isha tells how she hit him that day. He was admitted to the same hospital where Raj was admitted. Isha says she feels guilty so she wants to say sorry to him once. Meet says she also got a pen of a dead son there but totally forgot to return that to his mother. They both decide to visit the hospital to get the addresses of Manish and the mother who lost her son. Isha describes she also gifted a pen to Deep which has an “I” letter in it. Meet checks the pen in her drawer and sees the letter “I”. She thinks this can’t be of Deep. She comes to call Isha but Barfi notices that pen in Meet’s hand. She gets shocked and she scolds Isha for trying to be friendly with the other part members of the house. She tells Isha to go to room and locks it. Meet feels strange and there Barfi informs Meet Ahlawat on call that Meet got Deep’s pen from the hospital and she will learn the truth so he should do something to stop her.

Ram says Meet is doing a good job in office and soon the issues will get resolved. Ragini asks then what? Where would they go as Raj will tell them to leave. They chose Barfi’s side and after Meet Ahlawat’s act Raj will not forgive him. Ragini cries hugging Ram that she doesn’t want to stay separately from her family. Babita overhears their talk. Ram consoles Ragini. Meet Ahlawat sees Meet is talking to the hospital receptionist about the address. He back hugs her intentionally to distract her. She drops her phone and pen both. He gets romantic with her and she feels nervous. She asks him what is he doing? He says he got confused and thought she is Neelam. He picks the pen without her knowledge. Meet says she has short hair unlike Neelam and she doesn’t wear saree then how come he got confused. He makes excuses of curtains and then he tells the receptionist to not give any information regarding Deep to anybody else he will take action. Meet learns that she can’t get address of the dead person or his family, its against hospital policy.

Episode ends

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