Meet 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Isha lies to Meet


Meet 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj announcing Meet and her husband’s remarriage. Masoom says but they need the consent of Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Raj says that’s right and he asks Meet Ahlawat whether he is ready to marry his wife again. Meet Ahlawat says he will talk to him later as he has to attend the meeting now. Meet goes behind him and acts like Manjiri. She says she would never imagine to marry a person like him so he should refuse to marry her right now. Meet Ahlawat says he is already married and even if he was not, his answer would be the same.

He says he is already late for the meeting and before that he notices food stain on Meet’s lips and he cleans it with his kerchief. Meet thinks why Meet Ahlawat is behaving so sweet nowadays. He asks her to give nice reaction else Raj will catch her lie. Meet says in Hariyanwi language that she knows Meet Ahlawat still loves her and it shocks him. Meet diverts the topic saying she is just acting. But she is not going to marry him. Later she gets delighted thinking about her remarriage with Meet Ahlawat.

Barfi enters and hides Ragini’s bangles in her bag seeing Meet. She taunts Meet saying she is still in the house and didn’t want to leave. Meet says she won’t leave until Isha gets married to Deep. Meet loses her balance and holds Barfi tightly. Barfi falls down and the bangles come out of the bag. Meet wonders why Ragini’s bangles are near Barfi. Barfi leaves to talk to Ragini and Ram. She tells them that Isha has flaws in her horoscope which says Deep won’t be happy after getting married to her. Thus she wants to cancel the wedding. Ragini and Ram insist her to tell a solution of this. Barfi thinks she will take revenge as they sent Deep to jail. says they have to give their house’s traditional gold Laxmi idol to her otherwise the problem won’t be solved.

Meet thinks she needs to find out why Barfi got Ragini’s bangles and before she could enter Ragini’s room, Isha stops her. Meet sees Isha is wearing the bangles. Isha recalls how Barfi made her wear the bangles to hide the truth from Meet. She also told her to stop Meet from entering Ragini’s room. Isha lies to Meet that Barfi only brought back the bangles from the shop where it was repaired. The shop is near Deep’s house. Meet gets convinced and Isha tells her that Popat is looking for her. Meet feels she overthinks a lot sometimes. Isha says she can’t afford to lose Deep this time. She will marry him for sure.

Ragini tells Barfi that they can’t give the idol to her as it’s not possible for them, it’s for their family’s wellbeing. Barfi says then why would she choose Isha for her son Deep. She also can’t let this marriage happen and leaves. Ragini asks Ram to do something. Meet talks to Popat and the latter gives her roasted corn in the market. Meet says sometimes she feels tired acting like Manjiri. But she can’t give up as she has to know about her baby’s whereabouts.

Popat gives her courage saying she can do it like how she is fighting till now. Meet notices a kid is searching for his mother. The mother hugs her son and gets emotional. Meet gets teary seeing that and misses her baby saying she didn’t see him for one year. Popat says that moment will come soon.

Masoom talks to Meet Ahlawat and suggests him to not agree with Raj’s decision as before he got married to cheater Meet Hooda unfortunately now he can’t marry a cheap dancer just because she looks like Meet. Meet Ahlawat smirks and asks about Manjiri. Masoom reveals she went to parlour with Popat. Meet comes back and Duggu says theres a surprise for her. Meet sees the beautiful decoration and assumes Isha did all these for Deep. She gets happy for them. Meet Ahlawat comes and asks Manjiri will you marry me? Meet gets shocked to hear that.

Episode ends

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