Meet 22nd November 2021 Written Update: Masoom executes her plan to find Meet’s secret


Meet 22nd November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet gets shocked seeing the news article on paper and she thinks everyone will know what happened last night seeing it and she takes the paper but Raj takes the paper and tells to Babita to come for live concert. Isha says they are many apps thsn why are you still reading newspaper. Babita takes the paper from him than tells him that she won’t come and places paper on table but she notices Meet photo than she reads the article that brave girl saved many life’s by closing the manhole and that courageous lady is none other than Meet and she shows news article to everyone. Meet Ahlawat thinks oh no. Babita scolds Meet for going out without taking care of her son and she says you’re so careless and you can’t be trusted. Mert Ahlawat says he didn’t faced any problem. Babita says problem is this girl is lier. Meet says she won’t repeat it than Babita says she won’t trust her. Maasoom thinks Meet is smart that’s why she hided Meet Ahlawat secret to make soft corner in his heart but don’t worry as I set good plan to expose your secret. Meet signs Meet Ahlawat to stay silent.

Meet Ahlawat recalls how Babita insulted Meet without her mistake. Meet comes to room and asks him to take rest. Mert Ahlawat asks why she beared scoldings of his Mom without revealing about his mannat. Meet says it’s fine to get scoldings so don’t worry. Meet Ahlawat says he is feeling heavy seeing her situation and you don’t deserve this insult. Meet thinks she is also feeling heavy for hiding Manushi truth from him and she notices Meet Ahlawat is in sad mood so she thinks to make him happy for quick recovery and she comes with Isha and Duggu and they performs dance for Thalaiva fans and Meet Ahlawat smiles seeing their Lungi dance.

Kunal asks Manushi for date night saying he is feeling that they are going distant. Manushi looks on than Kunal asks her to make him special by wearing all jewellery to prove her love. Manushi thinks she will do it for rich guy and she agrees to him. Guruji comes to Rajvardhan house. Raj asks why you came guruji, we may come to ashram if you call us. Guruji says I came here as one from your family called me. Masoom says I called Guruji Dad as I felt Meet Ahlawat is facing many problems these days that’s why I called Guruji here. Raj says it’s good and Guruji, our daughter in law saved Meet life by risking her life. Masoom says here point is different, whether he is facing these dangers because of one of our mistake. Meet thinks is it happened because of her? Guruji asks them to tell their problems to him. Masoom thinks her plan will definitely work and she asks Guruji if they can write in paper. Guruji agrees. Masoom thinks Mom will throw Meet our once she finds that Meet family is Dhokabaaz. Everyone writes in chit except Meet.

Meet tells to Guruji that she didn’t write as this pen is not needed to express it when I can do it by myself and Please bless Meet Ahlawat as he needs your blessings and he is in his room where I will reveal you what’s in my heart. Guruji agrees and they goes to Meet room and notices he is sleeping. Meet says she will wake him up but Guruji ji stops her and gives his blessings by keeping his hand in his head. Than Meet tells him that she want to tell whats in her heart to remove the heaviness from her heart. Masoom waits near door to listen their conversation. Meet closes the door when she hears the sound than Manushi goes to window side. Meet tells to Guruji that she is trying to fulfill responsibilities post marriage as this family is so good and big hearted and I don’t want to hide anything from them but Mom take promise from me to hide one matter and that’s making me restless. Guruji sees her and she is about to tell Manushi matter but gets interrupted when Meet coughs badly and she goes to take care of him.

Episode ends.