Meet 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Meet kidnaps Meet Ahlawat


Meet 22nd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Barfi getting happy to see Neelam’s happy face after a long time. Neelam replies she demanded something from her husband for the first time and she believes she will get his love in these few days and she will make sure he forgets Meet Hooda forever. Barfi tells her to pack the luggage. Meet makes tea and thinks she didn’t try to know the real reason behind Meet Ahlawat’s sudden decision of marrying Neelam. But if she leaves tomorrow for yatra then how will she unite Raj and Meet Ahlawat.

Meet Ahlawat will also leave with Neelam. She fails to hold the tea pot properly and it falls. Babita asks her if she is fine. Meet replies her mind got distracted. Babita says everyone is distracted nowadays and she didn’t like their family split into two parts. After some days maybe Meet Ahlawat will leave the house as Raj didnt forgive him. Babita says she can’t live without her son and she wants Meet to stop him somehow.

Babita says is it possible to take Meet Ahlawat for yatra too? She tells Meet to do that which can sort things out between Raj and his son maybe. Meet says she will try, next day Meet Ahlawat gets ready with his luggage and puts that in car. He sits inside the car and Barfi also sits on the back seat. She looks excited. Isha tells her to receive an important call and Barfi goes inside the house. Meet drops a bottle knowingly who disguised herself as the driver. Meet Ahlawat picks it and she makes him wear the handcuff.

He gets shocked seeing Meet. He tries to free himself and Meet smiles at him. She starts driving and there Neelam comes out. Barfi compliments her. Neelam sees Meet inside the car and gets angry. Meet leaves with Meet Ahlawat. Isha gets delighted and Neelam says Meet forcibly took away Meet Ahlawat and Barfi asks her why she didn’t do anything? Neelam angrily goes inside the house. Meet Ahlawat says he promised Neelam to go to the village. Meet says he broke his previous promises to be with Meet always so now also he can break this promise. He says when she doesn’t know the reality she should not speak. She says then why can’t he tell her the truth behind marrying Neelam? She adds she is taking him for Yatra and if he gets restless and tries to open the door and then he will fall down and get injured. It’s his car so it will be his loss for any kind of damage.

Isha lies to Barfi that she couldn’t understand the call was fake. She says best of luck to Meet in mind. Neelam tries to file a complaint against Meet for kidnapping her husband but Barfi says sorry to the police and cuts the call. Barfi says Neelam should calm down and legally is Meet is still his first wife and Neelam will be in trouble if police gets involved. Neelam says then will she wait to see Meet and her husband’s pictures? Barfi assures her that Meet Ahlawat has no choice but coming back to her and he will be back soon.

Meet Ahlawat gets hurt on his head and she stops the car. She tries to apply medicine on his wound but he avoids looking at her. She forcibly treats his wound and says that they both promised each other to reduce their pain then if Meet Ahlawat shares his problem with her then she will try to solve it. He gets teary looking at her. She makes him wear the seat belt. They get close to each other. Meet thinks no matter how much he hides the truth she will know it. He thinks it’s not that easy to disclose the truth.

Episode ends

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat telling Neelam that he is in this marriage as he has no choice so she should stop thinking he will leave her. He can’t do that. Meet overhears that. Neelam asks him what is the reason? He replies he can’t reveal that to her and no distraction can change his mind. He will try his best to fulfil her duties towards Neelam as a husband. Before that she has to promise she won’t take any drastic step again. Neelam promises him and says she wants to go on a short trip with him in her village to forget all the tensions. They will meet her relatives there and will also go for Kuldevi darshan. Meet Ahlawat agrees to go with her and leaves. Neelam gets happy. Meet thinks why he married Neelam she has to find out the reason. Meet Ahlawat meets Isha who says she wants to meet Manish whom she hit with her car by mistake. Meet Ahlawat recalls Deep’s death and scolds Isha for her adamance. He says Manish is fine and now Isha should forget him. Meet notices that.

Isha cries and Meet consoles her saying Meet Ahlawat loves her a lot and she should not be upset. Isha says he changed after marrying Neelam. Meet asks about Manish and Isha tells how she hit him that day. He was admitted to the same hospital where Raj was admitted. Isha says she feels guilty so she wants to say sorry to him once. Meet says she also got a pen of a dead son there but totally forgot to return that to his mother. They both decide to visit the hospital to get the addresses of Manish and the mother who lost her son. Isha describes she also gifted a pen to Deep which has an “I” letter in it.

Meet checks the pen in her drawer and sees the letter “I”. She thinks this can’t be of Deep. She comes to call Isha but Barfi notices that pen in Meet’s hand. She gets shocked and she scolds Isha for trying to be friendly with the other part members of the house. She tells Isha to go to room and locks it. Meet feels strange and there Barfi informs Meet Ahlawat on call that Meet got Deep’s pen from the hospital and she will learn the truth so he should do something to stop her.

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