Meet 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Shlok performs in Ganesh Utsav


Meet 23rd September 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sumeet panicking about Shlok’s arrest and asks taxi driver to take her to prison. She cries and prays for Shlok’s safety and Bilawar follows her with his team. Bilawar says he doesn’t get impressed soon but Sumeet really is courageous as she is even ready to go to such dangerous jail for her husband. Bilawar’s men tells about him trapping Sumeet and he says he is waiting for getting her locked in the jail and struggling to find her husband. Bilawar plans to kill Shlok outside while Sumeet is trapped in jail.

Shlok feels disappointed about not being able to arrange money and escape from Pakistan. Naaz comes there with jewellery and shows it to Shlok. She shows one of the necklace that belongs to her mother and she is had said she will give to her for marriage. Zainab teases Naaz about wanting everything perfect for marriage and she feels shy about it. Shlok feels guilty of the situation when Zainab says how Naaz already likes Adil a lot. She asks Shlok reason behind sadness on his face and compliments Naaz’s upbringing. She asks Shlok to take care of Naaz well and not hurt her feelings.

Shlok thinks he cannot do this anymore and hurt an innocent girl like this. He thinks he has to somehow arrange 10 Lakhs and return back to India to his family and Sumeet. He suddenly notices something in the newspaper. Raj’s IAS friend Ajay promises to help him bring Sumeet, Shlok and Akki back. Masoom comes there and tells him to wait for dinner as Raj’s fiance is joining too . Raj gets surprised to know that Priyanka is coming. Pankhuri sends her by making her wear one piece and high heels which she struggles to manage.

Raj gets shocked to see Priyanka while the latter feels uncomfortable in her outfit. Priyanka mistakenly spills water on Ajay’s outfit which angers him. Masoom taunts Priyanka for spoiling everything and bringing embarrassment for Raj. Priyanka feels guilty of the situation. Sumeet thinks to hide from Raj about going to jail. Shlok reaches Ganesh Chaturthi’s festival for joining as singer after seeing the poster. Bilawar thinks to arrest Sumeet. Shlok thinks he has to sing to make his voic
e reach her. He performs at the festival and chants Ganapati mantra. Sumeet reaches checkpost while Shlok is performing.

Sumeet asks permission to let her meet her husband. But police denies her so taxi driver takes her back. However she stops him and thinks she has to find a way to enter inside. Bilawar keeps following Sumeet. He says he is waiting for Sumeet to break any rule so that they can arrest her. He sees Sumeet reaching jail boundary and plans to arrest her once she crosses it. Sumeet thinks path is too narrow and prays to God for help. Bilawar thinks to alert security once Sumeet enters restricted area. However Sumeet gets call from her bandmate and gets surprised happily hearing Shlok’s singing voice. The episode ends with Sumeet feeling relieved.