Meet 24th February 2022 Written Update: Meet and Meet makes Anubha starts her own business


Meet 24th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hawa Singh asking Meet Ahlawat from where did he bring her. Meet Ahlawat says talk with respect as she is my wife and I’m showing you respect because of your uniform or else. Hawa Singh tries to hit him but Meet holds his stick and says don’t try to do this by mistake and she take out her phone and says I can complain against you for troubling innocent people, my name is Meet Hoodah and I won’t do wrong and won’t bear wrongdoings and my Dad also inspector. Hawa Singh asks if she is related to Ashok Hoodah. Meet tells he is her Dad. Hawa Singh acts like getting emotional and he asks her to leave. Meet says she won’t leave until they release everyone as they are studying and questions why they arrest them. Hawa Singh says you’re a copy of your Dad on daring nature and he releases everyone. Meet Ahlawat takes Meet with him. Hawa Singh says her dad died because of ethics now it’s his daughter’s time.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat comes to Anubha’s house and they ask her to start the Art and crafts business and show her the things they brought. Anubha tells she will become business woman. Meet recalls how she asked her husband to make her mom independent. Meet asks Anubha to see the things. Sunaina calls Meet as Tej wants to talk with her. Meet makes him talk with her Mom and grandmother. Tej sees Ashok’s photo and get’s scared and he asks them to run. Sunaina tells he didn’t have medicine and she injects medicine to him which calms him. Meet and Meet Ahlawat looks confused with Tej’s behaviour.

Later Meet Ahlawat tells your Dad is great that why all his juniors remember him. Meet says his thoughts are good and he never shows any discrimination between boys and girls. Meet Ahlawat says it’s tough to make her as his girlfriend if her Dad is alive. Meet says he may inquire about your background and she asks him to take her on a date to make her become his girlfriend. Meet Ahlawat tells he won’t fulfill it. Meet chases him and beats him. Raj, Ragini, and Babita come there, and tell seems like your patch-up happened. Meet Ahlawat tells them that Meet is his girlfriend. They get shocked. Meet Ahlawat tells they decided to start their relationship from the start. Raj asks Babita if they to can start again. Babita blushes. Sunaina comes there. Babita asks Sunaina where is the amulet she gave for Tej’s wellness. Sunaina says she lost it. Babita asks how can she do it. Current goes off. Everyone searches Amulet with Torchlight. Tej behaves hyper when the torch touches his eyes and he runs from them in fear. Meet recalls a past incident that he is scared of Torch and she makes everyone turns off their torch. Tej falls down losing his consciousness. They take him to his room.

Babita blames Sunaina for Tej’s condition. Meet tells they have to know what happened to Tej Bhai leaving these superstitions. Tej gets flashes of how he witnessed the murder of Ashok Hoodah. Meet tells they have to know why he is getting a panic attack and we have to know the reason behind his fear so we need to know his past. Raj asks how can they know. Meet tells they have to know what happened making him get an attack. Babita tells she won’t permit to make him to face the torcher. Ram too agrees. Meet asks Raj to make others agree. Raj says you have to understand not us. Meet says we have to know the reason behind his pain to cure him. Raj says it’s dangerous to Tej so I can’t support you. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to end the matter. Raj asks Sunaina to inform her when Tej gains consciousness. Sunaina agrees. Meet thinks she has to do it to cure him.

Episode ends.

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