Meet 24th January 2023 Written Update: Meet gives a gift to Manmeet


Meet 24th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Yashoda inviting guests into the house. Yashoda recalls her oath. Yashoda reminds Sarkar of her oath and hopes that Meet will say yes to the marriage. Yashoda says the prey has come seeing the Ahlawat family and Manmeet. Sarkar and Yashoda invite Raj and Babita into the house. Manmeet takes Yashoda’s blessings. Yashoda asks Raj where is Meet? Raj says Meet went on some factory work and she will come pretty soon. Sarkar and Yashoda invite them to come inside.

Gunvathi brings Shagun and makes her sit beside Manmeet. Gunvathi asks them to talk and leaves from there. Shagun flirts with Manmeet. Manmeet asks Shagun to stay patient as if the Ahlawat family knew they are playing a drama to bring Meet to her knees then she might escape from their trap. Gunvathi says to Sarkar it is time for thier Auspicious time and asks if they should start the ritual. Sarkar says they will wait until Meet comes. Raj says Meet might be late. Sarkar says Yashoda went to bring Meet and she will come soon.

Yashoda asks Meet if she is afraid of Manmeet marrying another one. Meet says she doesn’t have time for that. Yashoda asks Meet them why is she running?

Shagun asks Manmeet if Meet doesn’t come will be engagement be stopped? Shagun says she threw her heart over him. Manmeet reminds Shagun that he has to take his mother’s revenge before their marriage. Babita sees Meet coming and says to everyone there is Meet.

Yashoda sees Gunvathi holding Aarti ka Thali. Yashoda sees Meet and throws the plate into the air. The Sindhur falls on Meet’s head. Yashoda thinks the Tilak ritual is also over with this. Gunvathi apologises to Meet. Yashoda comments on it.

Meet apologises to Manmeet saying she took time to buy him a gift and that’s why it’s late. Manmeet opens the gift and sees that it is a T shirt on the back it is written Manmeet and on the front it is written India. Meet says when he practices for the Olympics she asks Manmeet to practice putting it here. Manmeet thanks Meet. Yashoda makes Meet sit right beside Manmeet. Yashoda gives the ring to Manmeet but the ring slips from his hand and falls near Manmeet. Manmeet says this ring wants to be in her hand. Manmeet asks Yashoda if he can talk with Meet for two minutes. Yashoda agrees. Manmeet and Meet leave to a side.

Narendra’s second wife sees a necklace with Meet’s name and thinks her suspicion is right. Yashoda is thinking of bringing Meet as this house new daughter in law.

Manmeet says to Meet that there is still time and asks Meet to say yes. Meet reminds that he is getting engaged and says this is Sarkar’s trap for him. Manmeet says he knows. Meet asks Manmeet to remember that he is a fiancé to someone.

Manmeet comes and says they should starts the ritual. A child comes and asks Manmeet to put the ring to Shagun then they will watch Munni’s dance and they are going to enjoy it. Yashoda encourages the child behaviour. Raj and Babita comment on them seeing this. Shagun and Manmeet do the ritual and putting rings on each other’s fingers. Manmeet thinks his plan failed this time but his trump card is still left.

Episode ends.

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