Meet 25th July 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat tells Masoom to not interfere in his personal life


Meet 25th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat feeding rasgulla to Meet. She can’t answer and he says he is ready to marry Meet for the second time. Raj gets happy to hear his decision and says he never thought he will get this much happiness. He dances with Babita and Meet is shocked to see all of that. She thinks Meet Ahlawat used the same trick which she used by feeding him jalebi.

Meet Ahlawat applies nail paint on her nails and says he doesn’t want to remember his cheater wife and if he got Manjari in his life earlier he would have never let her go. He says now he wants to love her by forgetting his past mistake. Meet gets disheartened but then she thinks if she can use this opportunity to reach her goal.

Meet Ahlawat thinks he will pamper Manjari a lot so that Meet’s frustration comes out in front of everyone. He dances with her. Meet calls Manushi and says she needs the latter’s suggestion. Manushi thinks Manjari is a jackpot for her and she says she will help her for sure. Meet informs her about Meet Ahlawat’s proposal and it shocks Manushi.

Meet says she didnt say yes to him yet but she doesn’t want to marry him either. She is just worried for Raj’s health and he seems a nice person. Manushi tells Manjari to come to Hooda House. Then she will tell her what to do. Meet gets emotional recalling Anubha and Dadi. She agrees to go there and then asks Popat if her mother will recognise her or not. Popat says she will handle the situation very well.

 Meet hugs her. She goes to Hooda House and sees the nameplate. She opens the door and imagines that Anubha and Dadi are making preparations to welcome her. Anubha says she made Meet’s favourite kheer. Meet replies she came here to eat the kheer. Her dream ends when Manushi calls her. Manushi tells her to come in. Manushi says she stays in this small house with her family as they are attached to it due to so many memories. Meet asks for Anubha and Dadi and Manushi says why does she want to meet them?

Meet says she doesn’t have a mother or grandmother thus she wants to meet them. Manushi takes her to Anubha’s room and knocks on the door. Anubha opens the door slightly and Manushi says Meet’s lookalike has come to meet her. Anubha says she is not interested as her love and affection are for her own daughter Meet not for any lookalike.

She closes the door and Manushi tells Meet to not feel bad as Anubha behaves strange after Meet left them. Manushi makes fun of Anubha’s emotions saying she waits for Meet and keeps her favourite kheer in front of God everyday in this hope Meet will come back and eat it one day. Meet sees the kheer near the temple and says mothers never lose hope,  and they can wait forever to meet their children.

Masoom gives coffee to Meet Ahlawat and asks him why he wants to destroy his life by deciding to marry Manjari. He made the mistake once now he can’t repeat the same thing. He already said he will marry Chhavi then what will she think if he refuses to marry her. Meet Ahlawat replies he already talked to Chhavi and she doesn’t have problem with that. Masoom seems more excited to get him married to Chhavi.

But now he doesn’t want her to take his life decisions. He knows her intentions and she should stop oiling him. He refuses to drink the coffee. Masoom leaves. Manushi tells Meet that she got a golden opportunity and she should not deny to marry Meet Ahlawat. Ahlawats is one of the richest families of the city. She will be rich as well. Meet thinks Manushi wants to use Manjari to snatch the property of Ahlawats and she will use Manushi to get her child back.

Episode ends

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