Meet 25th March 2022 Written Update: Babita is against Meet’s Decision


Meet 25th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the Ahlawat family seeing that Meet’s feet are burning. Meet Ahlawat saves Meet and takes her inside the home. Raj says to Babita to call the doctor. Babitha says she will call right now. The doctor checks Meet and says that he gave an injection and she needs rest. Meet Ahlawat asks the doctor how is Meet. Doctor says the is burn in pretty deep it will take a few months for getting completely healed. If she doesn’t get rest the feet and works then it may spread infection and which then we might have to amputate her leg. Meet Ahlawat says nothing like that will happen. Doctor says just make sure that she has bed rest.

Meet Ahlawat talks to Meet that he will take care of her in her sleep and she will get well soon. Raj seeing this tries to Meet Ahlawat. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat that based on what the doctor said she is not fit for the physical test when she wakes up you have to make her understand. Meet Ahlawat says how can I do that dad how can I say that you are not fit that you have worked this hard for to Meet. Seeing Meet like this Babita feels guilty and says she wasn’t there with her and if she was there she wouldn’t let it happen.

Raj says to Babita stop blaming yourself Babita it’s not in your hands what happens it’s in god hands. Meet Ahlawat tries to take the training chart off the board but Meet wakes up asks him why is he taking it off the chart. Meet sees the time and asks why hasn’t he woken her up. Meet tries to get down from the bed. Meet Ahlawat stops her but she doesn’t listen and gets down. She couldn’t handle the pain and falls down and sees that she is injured and thinks what happened yesterday. She asks Meet what happened.

Meet Ahlawat says doctor has given her a pain killer that why there is no pain at the start but it is now in pain. Meet says how can something like this happen and she has to go to give the test. Meet Ahlawat says to her that doctor has said it will take months for the wound to heal. Meet thinks about how hard she worked for the test and cries.

Ram talks with Hawa Singh in the car. Hawa Singh says you have the opportunity and you still haven’t used it. Hawa Singh asks why are you still hesitant about doing this no matter if you commit a murder one time or ten times murder is murder, Sir. Ram says he is not a murderer. Hawa Singh says figuratively that there is no use hiding your face Sir I have seen it.

Ram says you want to not to go to the police test right she will not go I made sure of it. She will not go today but she will go when she gets her wound healed think about it. The family members all are sad because of what happened to Meet at the dining table. Ragini comes down with bags in her hand seeing that Hoshiyar asks Ragini where are you going. Ragini says we brought police uniforms right I was going to return them.

Meet comes in a wheel chair and asks every body’s blessings to take physical test. The family members try to convince her that she cannot go in this state. Babita asks her son why he is allowing her even after knowing her state. Meet tells her nothing can happen to her. Babita says Doctor advised you to take complete bed rest and if you take this risk on the ground then you may lose your foot. Ram says Bhabhi Ji is correct and doesn’t take this risk as it’s not a good decision from your side. Meet says she is lucky to get them as her family and I can’t sit at home to make my enemy win.

Babita says it’s enough and she calls Raj but it’s not connected. She asks Meet Ahlawat to stop his wife. Meet Ahlawat says she will stop if I asked her but I won’t as it will suffocate her and we are doing this taking advice of Doctor so bless her. Babita refuses to bless her telling them she won’t bless who doesn’t listen to the elder’s advice. Ragini and other family members wish her all the best. Meet asks Ram to bless her so she can punish the culprits of her Dad’s murder. Ram places his hand on her head. Then they leave.

Meet Ahlawat brings Meet to Police training academy. Her wheelchair gets stuck because of sand. Other students make fun of her. Meet Ahlawat gets angry. Meet asks him to not consider their words and asks him to trust his girlfriend and assures him that she will win. Meet Ahlawat lifts her in his arms and takes her inside. Officer notices she is unable to walk and he asks her to leave telling her it’s a test for physical fitness. Meet says it’s written as a mental fitness test too, I agree that I’m injured but I’m mentally fit and want to participate in this test. Officer asks what if something happens to her in the test.

Meet Ahlawat says it’s their responsibility as she came to participate with her will. Officer tells he can’t allow her. A higher official tells her she can’t achieve the job with their pity and dont expect that we won’t test you properly seeing your state, it’s quality of Loser. Meet tells him she doesn’t come to take donations and asks them to allow her to participate in tests like others to prove her ability.

Episode ends.

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