Meet 25th October 2021 Written Update: Kunal plans to change his hotel


Meet 25th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat goes to his room and thinks about his Mom words how Meet betraying their trust. Chavi goes behind him and says that girl is lier and cheater and because of her, Aunty got insulted and I felt bad that’s why I came here and she tries to get close to him by holding his hand. Meet stops Chavi. Meet Ahlawat asks where she went and why she didn’t answer his calls. Meet says I forgot my phone at home and couldn’t think of anything after getting to know Duggu got injured. Meet Ahlawat gets shocked knowing Duggu was hurt and he about to leave than she asks him to give her money to pay the Auto. Mert Ahlawat leaves after giving her money. Chavi about to leave than Meet stops her saying I know you tried to spoil things behind me and she warns her by twisting her hand thsn she leaves to pay the Auto bill.

Meet Ahlwat makes Duggu have his medicine by telling him stories. Meet says Doctor asked to check bandaid once we reached to home. Duggu says he is strong and can change it by himself. Meet Ahlwat says Kunal took my car. Meet asks him who’s Kunal. Rajvardhan asks Meet to call Kunal to know about the packet. Ragini sends Duggu inside with Masoom than she tells to Raj that their relationship may spoil more if they asks him about it. Raj says it’s matter of Drugs so call him and know without informing about this drugs.

Meet Ahlawat calls Kunal and Manushi about go attend it but Kunal stops her on time and attends the call and he lies to Manushi that it’s call from his manager. Meet asks Kunal if he saw blue packet in car when he took it to hospital. Kunal gets shocked than he lies to Meet that don’t know as I left car at garage to set puncture than I left to hospital. Meet Ahlwat asks him to meet them once he gets fine. Kunal thinks to change their hotel.

Meet Ahlawat informs everyone about what Kunal said. Meet says he is lying as car gets locked during that time. Raj says she is correct. Meet asks if they have his photo? Raj says yes and Ragini about to show Kunal photo to her but Meet Ahlawat thinks she may tries to spoil Kunal image and he stops Ragini by taking the phone and tells to Meet that Kunal is part of this family and you can’t doubt him. Meet asks how he knows that Kunal is good. Both fights with eachother. Raj stops them. Meet Ahlawat warns her to not involve in his matters and leaves. Ragini asks Meet if she wants to see it. Meet says no, as my husband don’t want me to see it. Raj asks Masoom and Babita to see her qualities.

Chavi cries seeing marks in her hands. Masoom asks what happened. Chavi tells her Meet warned me as she gets to know I’m the one who tried to spoil her Khichdi ritual. Masoom says smart. Chavi asks if she is on her side or Meet side and why you’re appreciating her. Masoom says she gave us way to deal with her.

Meet gives money to him than he asks her to place it in his wallet. Meet receives message and thinks tomorrow is last day of paying the bill and how to pay it without job and she comes out changing to her night wear. Cream slips from Meet Ahlawat hand and Meet steps on it and cream comes out from tube. Meet Ahlwat comes to her angrily but he fell down because of that cream and he asks her help but she denies than He says he calls family members or Chavi to help him. Meet asks him to call them but he tries to get up but can’t because of slippery floor. Meet enjoys his state while having popcorn and atlast he asks for her help saying she can involve in his matters than she helps him to get up with help of towel and she notices he is hurt than she applies her cream to his cut.

Episode ends.