Meet 26th November 2021 Written Update: Anubha saves Manushi from getting exposed infront of Meet


Meet 26th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat says Meet come here leaving her family but we didn’t think what she likes and we are showing our frustration on Meet and we didn’t even wished her on birthday till evening and using her as punching bag and we always tell what we expect from her but it’s her birthday so we need to do something but we thinks it’s Meet so it’s no need and even I used to be same but when I’m in danger I remembered only one person i.e Meet and she came to me saved me risking her life than taking care of me that’s why I organised this party to surprise her to see the smile and I didn’t feel I did wrong by arranging this party so understand Mom. Babita leaves. Raj wishes happy birthday to Meet than he tells to his son that he felt good seeing his stand for his wife than he goes to meet his wife.

Meet says aunty may hurt with your words and it’s not good. Meet Ahlwat says I told her truth. Meet asks him to take forgiveness from his Mom. Meet Ahlawat agrees than he gets call from organiser saying they failed to send joker to the party due to health issue. Meet Ahlawat says ok than he thinks who entered to party as joker. Manushi checks every dustbin thsn she gets her jewellery and about to leave from the party but she bumps into Meet Ahlawat and her jewellery bag fell down. Manushi about to leave but Meet stops her and questions who’s she? Manushi says she is joker. Meet says organisers didn’t send the joker so tell me who are you and he about to remove her nose bud but Anubha stops him saying they bought the joker from shabad. Meet leaves. Manushi takes the jewellery amd goes out.

Anubha drags Manushi aside and she slaps her for entering to party without listening to her warning and glad that makeup girl informed to me that you forgot your phone at her place than i get to know you become joker. Manushi tells her she came to wish Meet. Anubha says your prayers also curse to Meet but here you came infront of Son in law and if they saw you then Meet life gets spoiled, did you get it? So leave to home, we can talk at home and she goes inside. Masoom hears everything and thinks Manushi is at hooda place and Anubha breaked her promise to Mom and this is the matter Meet is feeling heavy to hide it.

Meet Ahlawat says I don’t want to hurt you Mom and if you feel hurt I’m sorry but think from Meet place than you will understand. Anubha tells to Meet that they will leave and she asks Meet to take care of her husband. Meet says Mom in law is worried for Meet health that’s why she got angry so don’t misunderstand. They says it’s fine as you got good husband and they about to leave thsn Babita stops them and says it’s birth day of my chotu Bahu so don’t lea e without having food. Everyone smiles. Babita apologies to everyone and Meet for her behaviour. Meet asks her to bless her. Babita tells her birthday wishes. Raj says that’s why I’m your fan Babita ji and he asks Isha to get the cake. Meet cuts the cake and feeds to everyone. Babita and Raj gifts them foreign trip tickets so they can understand eachother. Everyone claps. Masoom says she will only goes to shabadh. Babita asks what she mean. Masoom says Meet might not have her passport. Raj says he will arrange. Raj apologies to Anubha than Anubha says don’t apologise me as you’re parents to Meet and she about to leave with her colony people but Masoom stops her.

Episode ends.