Meet 27th July 2022 Written Update: Meet foils Meet Ahlawat’s plan


Meet 27th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet saying she is not Manjari but she is Meet Hooda. She scolds Meet Ahlawat for calling her a monkey. Meet Ahlawat laughs hearing that and says he knew from the start that she is not Manjari. He claps and it turns out to be his dream, Meet acts like Manjari and says she told the mehendi artist to write his name on her palm. She shows him that and she tries to get close to him saying she is also ready to marry him and wants to sit on the jhula with him. She asks him to kiss her.

Meet Ahlawat gets shocked to see her changed reaction, he thinks now he has to kiss her to prove he loves Manjari. He fails to do so after trying and she says he can atleast kiss on her forehead. He fails to do that too. Meet says then she will kiss on his forehead. He makes excuse of a USA client meeting and leaves. Meet laughs seeing his reaction and says she knew it was his plan to expose her. He is hesitating to kiss Manjari then how will he marry her. She recalls how Babita asked Meet Ahlawat that he should not hide his real emotions as he can’t love someone else except Meet.

Meet Ahlawat says nothing like that he wants to marry Manjari. Babita says she is his mother, she knows him. She leaves and he says he knows Manjari is Meet Hooda only and he will bring out her truth. Meet overhears that and feels happy seeing that he recognised his wife. Flashback ends. She says she kept fast for him and now she wants him to break her fast.

Ram and Ragini enter Raj’s room and Ram feels guilty for hiding the truth from him and for deceiving him. He says to Raj he wants to keep Isha’s diamond jewel in a safe locker but their own locker has no space due to Ragini’s jewels. Raj gives him his bank locker keys saying Ram can put the necklace there freely. Raj then wants to meet Barfi but Babita says they will bring Barfi to him when she will come. He should take rest.

 Barfi arrives and thinks he will snatch everything from Ahlawats and for that she needs to throw away the fake wife of Meet Ahlawat. She comes in and Isha bends down to take blessings from her. Deep smiles at Isha. Barfi then asks about the Laxmi idol in front of everyone and Ragini panics. Babita assumes Barfi is calling Isha as Laxmi but Barfi says not everyone can be called as Laxmi just how Meet Hooda. She left her family and due to that a fake person like Manjari got the chance to come here. She insults Manjari.

Deep talks to Meet Ahlawat about a research project of medicines. Meet Ahlawat likes the idea and says he will make it happen by talking to the researchers. Deep says he wants to contribute to this scheme as well as he has knowledge about the medicines. Meet Ahlawat says but he will have to cut off from the other things and he has to only focus on this research but since he is getting married he should not do this.

 Deep says he will talk to Isha about it and it will be a life changing experience for him. Ragini asks Barfi to eat something but the latter says she wants to distribute sweets to some poor needy people here. She calls Manjari saying the latter has the need more than anyone that’s why she agreed to become someone’s fake wife for money. She tries to feed sweet to Meet but the latter thinks she can’t break her fast right now as Meet Ahlawat will feed her first. She thinks how to stop Barfi.

Episode ends

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