Meet 27th June 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat returns back to India after one year


Meet 27th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Babita noticing Raj. He looks numb and he is sitting on the bed in a dark room. She feels bad for him and kids of the house try to cheer him up. Babita hallucinates Meet and talks to her about Raj. She says she misses old Raj and he was such a fun loving person. Meet says he will become like before very soon. Babita’s dream ends and she tells Ragini that though it has been one year Meet left them but she still waits for her to come back.

Masoom comes and complains about Meet angrily. She says Meet destroyed Meet Ahlawat’s life, and why are they still taking her name. They should forget about her and move on. Only Chavi can bring happiness in his life again. Tej asks Masoom to shut up. Masoom taunts him for ruining their business and instigates Babita again.

Meet Ahlawat is seen in abroad and he attends a meeting. He looks serious and professional. An employee asks for a leave from him for his wife’s birthday but Meet Ahlawat says his wife will be responsible for his downfall. Ram and Lakhan send a text to Meet Ahlawat saying Raj is not well. Meet Ahlawat gets ready to come back to India. He meets Deep and the latter greets him with a flower bouquet. A lady bike rider almost hits Meet Ahlawat’s car and says sorry to him. He breaks her bike mirrors and throws it away. He gives her money and says she should stop doing men activities.

Isha tells everyone that Meet Ahlawat is coming back after one year and everyone gets excited. Masoom says she will fix Chhavi and Meet’s wedding. Babita says Meet Ahlawat will never get ready. Meet Ahlawat enters home and Isha is about to hug him by calling him Meet Bhaiya. He stops her saying noone will call him by that name which reminds him of cheater Meet. Masoom says Meet deceived Raj too who loved her a lot. Now he suffered second heart attack because of her. Meet Ahlawat gets shocked to know that. Masoom says he can make everyone happy by marrying Chhavi only. Meet Ahlawat says he doesn’t believe in love or marriage anymore as it’s all fake. Still he tells her to call Chhavi to their place.

Meet Ahlawat sees Raj and says he will take him to New York for his best treatment. Tej supports that. Raj asks Meet Ahlawat to bring back Meet. Meet Ahlawat agrees if it’s the only way to cure Raj. He says he will bring that cheater back again. Babita gets happy thinking Meet will be back. Meet Ahlawat goes to attend a Gujrati dance function. Hoshiyar comes as his assistant. He says he called Meet Ahlawat here to learn about Meet only. They can find her here.

Meet Ahlawat calls Meet as a cheater again and Hosiyar says how can he hate her so much whom he used to love a lot. He replies love is just an illusion and it means nothing to him now. Meet is shown on the stage in a Gujrati’s dancer’s clothes. She starts dancing and singing. Meet Ahlawat recognizes her voice. He looks for her.

Episode ends

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