Meet 28th February 2022 Written Update: Tej remembers how Hawa Singh killed Ashok Hoodah


Meet 28th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Babita falling unconscious while scolding Meet for risking Tej’s life. Tej stops the car and draws the sketch. Driver goes to talk on a call with his girlfriend. Drawing paper flies away and Tej goes to get it then he gets an attack seeing the lights of the car and he gets flashes of how Hawa Singh killed Ashok Hoodah and he runs to escape from Hawa Singh and he caught between the cars and falls unconscious seeing that light. Meet Ahlawat places his Mom in the car. The driver comes to Meet and tells Tej ran away. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to track Tej with the tracker. Meet recalls how Babita threw her mobile then she asks Meet Ahlawat take Babita to home telling him she will bring Tej. Meet notices tracker is not working then she calls her team and asks them to find Tej sending his photo.

Tej comes to the traffic rules session conducted by the Drama troop and he tells the officer that murder happened in the jungle. Meet comes there. Tej asks her to understand and he falls unconscious. The doctor checks Babita and tells her Bp went low which is not good and he leaves asking them to take care of her. Babita gains consciousness and she scolds Meet. Meet Ahlawat tells her he is also responsible for it. Babita asks how can he do it to his brother? And why he goes against them and questions how can they play with Tej’s life and she asks Meet to not call her Mom if something happens to Tej. Everyone gets shocked. Babita says I will convince myself that I have one son and I will end my relationship with you and your wife.

Doctor monitors the vitals of Tej. Meet and Meet comes to Tej’s room. Ram tells them Meet is not responding post his panic attack. Meet cries seeing his brother state and he request Doctor to cure his brother and he requests him to take anything from his body. The doctor leaves from the room. Meet assures him that Tej will be fine. Babita performs Aarti to Shiv Ji. Meet and Meet begs Tej to gain consciousness in tears. Meet makes him play the game then Tej moves his finger. Meet calls Doctor. Doctor asks whom he met before he falls unconscious. Meet tells they are not with him. Doctor asks them to go out telling them he has to check Tej.

Meet supports his Mom to do aarti and tells her that Tej is recovering because of her love and devotion. Raj feels happy. Ram gets shocked to know it and the vase falls down because of him. He tells everyone it happened by mistake. Ragini tells Tej will be fine very soon. Ram goes to Tej’s room and notices Doctor is giving shock treatment to Tej. Tej gets flashes of his past. Meet comes to Ram. Ram leaves wiping Meet’s tears. Meet recalls everything and she tells Meet Ahlawat that Tej was telling something to the person who did drama and she will tell Meet that she will meet them and she asks Meet to be with his brother then she calls Drama company and asks where is their next play.

Episode ends.

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