Meet 28th February 2023 Written Update: Sundari steals money from Yashoda’s safe


Meet 28th February 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Yashoda complains to Manmeet that Meet is wrongly influencing all the ladies of their house since her arrival. Sundari tells Anuja that she is very happy today. Anuja says that Sarkar will love her if she comes back as a boy. Sundari says that everyone will love and value her then. Anuja talks about moustache and all. Sundari says that Anuj will be confident like Mahendra and Meghna will get a brother to protect her. Sundari says that she was never valued in Sarkar Mahal after the birth of Anuja and Meghna and she can never forget the pain. Anuja says that soon she will erase all her pain. Sundari says that she will celebrate after that. Both cry and share a hug.

Sundari, Anuja come home. Yashoda confronts Sundari. Sundari says that she never touched ciggerate. Yashoda recalls Manmeet’s words. Manmeet says it’s done by Meet only as she lacks values. Meet says that ciggerate smoking is harmful for both men and women as cancer don’t differentiate between men and women. Meet says that there will be investigation to find out the truth. Mahendra supports him. Anuja, Sundari go to room to hide the hospital papers. Meet warns Manmeet that he has to accept her condition if he fails to prove anything. Manmeet says that he is not afraid and agrees. Meet announces that Manmeet can’t back out later.

Meet says if Manmeet loses Mahendra won’t smoke after the day. Manmeet agrees. Mahendra gets tensed. Manmeet asks if Meet wants anything else. Meet says that Meghna will go to Delhi to complete her education. Manmeet agrees again. He pulls Meet closer to smell her fragrance but finds nothing. Yashoda asks him to search her well as she may hide something like mints. Manmeet picks Meet up and moves in circular motion but again fails to find anything. Manmeet is in disbelief. Meet says now Mehendra will stop smoking as Manmeet gave words. Mahendra refuses. Manmeet requests him. Mahendra leaves angrily. Manmeet gives permission to Meghna. Meghna becomes happy.

Manmeet leaves. Shagun tells Yashoda that she is worried thinking about what will happen to Manmeet on the day of competition. Sundari steals two lakh rupees from Yashoda’s safe and gives it to Anuja for her operation. She asks Anuja to leave. Anuja says that she has to stay in hospital for two days. Sundari says that she will manage everything. Sarkar loses his calm while talking about Meet and her deeds. He warns Manmeet saying if Meet defeats him he can’t evict her from the house or his life. He says that he can’t rely of Manmeet anymore. He warns him to not get defeated but save his pride.

Meet hears everything secretly. Meet teases Shagun and tries to scare her more. She says if she wins and Manmeet loses the she will be in and Shagun will be out. Also Manmeet won’t visit the Akhara or participate in Olympic in that case. Shagun asks Meet if she gives the factory papers to her will she leave for real. Meet says yes. Shagun says that she has full faith in Manmeet so she is not scared. She also says that she and Manmeet will celebrate Shivratri tomorrow. The episode ends.

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