Meet 28th July 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat breaks Meet’s fast in front of everyone


Meet 28th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Barfi trying to feed sweet to Meet saying she is the only poor needy person here. Meet says she is allergic to khoya thus she can’t eat khoya sweet. Barfi says she has another sweet which has no khoya. Meet then pretends to faint and everyone gets worried for her. Meet Ahlawat comes downstairs and Meet thinks she will make sure only he breaks her fast.

 Babita tells Meet Ahlawat to feed sweet to Manjari, maybe she will feel better. Meet Ahlawat feeds her sweet and Meet gets up. She thanks God for breaking her fast at Meet Ahlawat’s hands. Barfi says now Manjari should eat the sweets she brought for a poor. Meet goes to her saying she can’t eat now and from next time Barfi should know the meaning of poor.

A poor person is not someone who doesn’t have money always. A person who has everything but still shamelessly demands things from others can be called as poor too. Meet taunts Barfi by saying so and leaves. Barfi gets irked saying Manjari got everything for free and now she is behaving like she is rich.

Barfi leaves with Deep saying she will have to find another poor to feed these sweets as per priest’s instructions.gv After the Teej puja Meet thinks how to touch Meet Ahlawat’s feet to finish the ritual. She stops him from going and drops a flower knowingly near his feet. She picks it up and touches his feet in the meantime. Meet prays that now Manushi should falls into her trap. Manushi does her make up and Meet returns back friendship badge to her.

Meet says she can’t accept Meet Ahlawat’s proposal as she can’t marry him and leave Popat alone. Popat has noone in her family so until she adopts a child Manjari can’t marry Meet Ahlawat. Doesn’t matter how rich he is. Manushi loses her calm and calls Manjari as stupid for not grabbing the golden opportunity. Popat can’t make her rich but Meet Ahlawat can. Meet says she can’t hear a bad word against Popat but she wants to adopt a kid for her. There are lots of paperwork and it’s hectic.

 She thinks Manushi will return her son to her now but Manushi stops her and tells her think again before rejecting the marriage proposal. Meet cries hugging Popat in her room and says she failed again and couldnt know about her child’s whereabouts from Manushi. Popat lifts up her mood saying she is really strong and she can fight the storm easily. God gave her extreme strength to deal with all these issues. Meet says she is not afraid to face any challenge but she feels she has done something wrong which is stopping her to reach her goal.

Meet notices the kheer and Popat says she finished it. Meet says she feels she hurt Anubha a lot who has been waiting for her till now and making kheer everyday to keep her alive. But she even didn’t meet Anubha even after going home. That’s why now Meet is also suffering and she kept her mother in dark about her death news for one year.

 Popat says but Meet can’t reveal her true self before getting her child back. Meet says she can’t meet her mother as Meet Hooda but she can atleast take her blessings being Manjari. Meet leaves the house at late night and Meet Ahlawat asks Hosiyar to follow her as maybe they will learn the truth soon 

Episode ends

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