Meet 28th June 2022 Written Update: Masoom decides to fix Meet Ahlawat and Chhavi’s wedding


Meet 28th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat trying to search for the person who is singing the song. He says it reminds him of Meet’s voice. Hoshiyar tells him to not run after the voice. Meet Ahlawat goes on stage adamantly. Ahlawats perform the puja and hope that Meet will come back home soon. Duggu prays to God that Meet should be united with Meet Ahlawat. Masoom leaves saying she will fix the engagement of Chhavi and Meet Ahlawat very soon. So that everyone forgets about Meet as soon as possible. Duggu tells God to not pay attention to Masoom’s wish.

Meet Ahlawat sees Meet is doing garba. He gets shocked seeing her changed look. He holds her hand tightly and recalls the video recording of Meet. Meet feels pain as her bangle breaks. She leaves and Hosiyar asks Meet Ahlawat did he find Meet? He replies she was there only and he has to find her out before she gets lost again. Meet’s friends ask her where is her dupatta’s latkan. Meet Ahlawat notices the latkan is stuck with his watch. He throws it away and Meet’s friend says it seems like her love will start. Babita thinks they couldn’t find Meet in one year then how Meet Ahlawat will find her in one day. They wait for him and he returns back home. Isha insists him to have food but he denies and goes to see Raj.

Meet Ahlawat tells Raj that he met Meet and he will soon bring her back and will show Raj’s condition to her. Meet Ahlawat goes to his room and recalls Meet’s words. It echoes in his ears and he closes them. He gets restless and falls onto the bed. Hosiyar takes Meet Ahlawat to the same place where Meet stays as Anjari who teaches dance to kids. Hosiyar says his sources got information about her. Meet Ahlawat goes to see her and Meet teaches dance to kids. She performs Puja and Hosiyar, Meet Ahlawat observe her. Hosiyar says he can’t believe Meet has transformed herself this much. Her long hair and new look are different. Meet Ahlawat says she knows how to fake things.

Meet Ahlawat stands beside Meet when she prays. Sunaina brings tea for Raj and the latter misses Meet saying he taught her how to make tea. Sunaina says she will give orders to Meet when she will come back. She will punish her too and till then Raj should drink the tea made by Sunaina. Ladies tell Meet to move aside as she is praying for the long time. Meet Ahlawat looks at her and she stares at him weirdly.

Episode ends

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