Meet 28th October 2022 Written Update: Meet makes the revelation of Deep’s death to Ahlawats


Meet 28th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Isha saying she doesn’t want to live. She gets heartbroken and says she didn’t even look at Deep after hitting him with car. She deserves to die. She faints and Meet calls the doctor saying Isha again got panic attack. Meet Ahlawat says whoever showed the certificate to Isha. He won’t forgive that person. Doctor says Isha’s condition is not well, they need to take care of her. Ragini cries for her saying why Isha suffers everytime she wants to be happy. Barfi thinks what if its done by Laila as Isha is close to Meet and Meet Ahlawat. She took revenge by hurting Isha. Barfi goes out and notices Laila is coming inside. She forcibly takes her to a hidden place and controls her. Laila tells her to move away. Barfi takes her to room.

Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that they need to talk to Barfi about Deep’s matter. Barfi questions Laila if she wronged Isha. Laila says Isha loves Meet so she is Laila’s enemy. Laila adds she told about Deep’s death to Isha and also blamed her for the accident. Barfi gets shocked and thinks now if Ahlawats learn that what will they do. Meet tells her husband that something is wrong which is why such mishaps are taking place from few days. She noticed the same heel marks at the cafeteria. Meet Ahlawat knocks on the room door of Barfi. Barfi thinks how to change Laila’s dress. Meet Ahlawat opens the door aggressively and he sees Neelam in saree. Barfi says she took Neelam to room as she was feeling sick. Meet asks her if she needs treatment. Barfi says she is fine and she sends away Neelam saying Isha is unwell. Neelam leaves.

Meet Ahlawat asks for Deep’s death certificate. Barfi checks her closet but doesn’t find it. He lashes out at her for telling the truth to Isha. Barfi says she didn’t tell anything to her. She can’t hurt her one and only daughter in law. Why would she do that. Meet Ahlawat says she did that before too by making her wear white cloth in front of family. He says if anything happens to his sister then there will be consequences. Barfi says maybe she gave the certificate to Isha by mistake. But she deserves to get punished. Meet tells her husband to calm down as Barfi didn’t do it knowingly. Raj gives the news to his family that Isha will be treated in New York’s best hospital. Ragini feels relieved and thanks him. Raj tells Meet Ahlawat to call Deep to inform him about Isha’s health. He needs to know what’s happening with his wife. Barfi thinks Meet Ahlawat didn’t tell the truth to his family because he was afraid for Isha. Now that Isha knows the truth he won’t hide it anymore. Meet makes the revelation that Deep is no more. Everyone stands shocked hearing that.

Episode ends

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