Meet 28th September 2021 Written Update: Meet denies to marry Meet Ahlawat


Meet 28th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj says it’s lucky to get Meet as daughter in law but my son liked Manushi plus horoscope matching is must for us and our Guruji told us that Manushi was perfect for Meet after checking their Kundli and don’t know how this happened so I won’t tell you guys anything without consulting my Guruji and he leaves from that room. Meet says they came for Manushi di and how you got this thought? Anubha says your Rishta is made with Meet Ahlawat and we didn’t noticed the signs of God previously as youre engaged with him and his mehendi and Haldi belongs to you so it’s indicating something to us. Meet says it’s happened and it’s wrong from your side to tell it to uncle, don’t know what’s he Thinking. Anubha thinks wish he is thinking like me. Meet says Manushi and Meet Ahlawat’s horoscopes are matched well not mine.

Guruji arrives to Mandap. Meet Ahlawat and others takes his blessings. Raj takes Guruji aside saying he needs to talk with him. Masoom senses something is wrong and she tells to Meet that their Dad is worried nd Bride family also not present here so something is fishy. Meet says previously I doubted Manushi listening your words and i won’t repeat that mistake. Raj informs to Guruji that bride eloped from mandap. Guruji tells to Raj and Anubha that nothing can halt the marriage according to horoscope matching and he asks Anubha to tell Manushi birth details. Anubha tells him than he says it’s not the kundli he matched with Meet Ahlawat. Raj gets angry and questions if they lied to them with wrong kundli. Meet says somewhere it gone wrong. Guruji says he got kundli of girl who born on Ashada saptami. Anubha says it’s Meet birth time. Guruji asks for Meet Kudli. Anubha gives him than he says it’s the Kundli he received and which is apt for Meet. Anubha says Manushi cheated us changing Kundali.

Guruji tells something to Raj than Raj says Meet and Meet are destined couple and Manushi is not for Meet so I’m happy to perform Meet marriage with Meet. Meet says uncle it’s our mistake and in my view hearts of persons must unite in Marriage more than Kundali and you know it well that your son loves Manushi so I can’t take her place so stop this compromise. Raj says they are lucky to get diamond like her and I will handle Everyone. Guruji says it’s better if we find about signs of God to remove obstacles. Meet says I’m not ready like your son. Raj says he will make hid son agree along with his family and he asks Anubha to make Meet understand and he leaves with Guruji.

Meet tells to Anubha that she won’t agree to marry Meet Ahlawat as he loves sister and noone can take that place. Raj takes Meet Ahlwat aside. Meet asks him why he looks tensed. Raj hugs him. Anubha says you always saved us from every problem so think it’s as your responsibility and until now you thought about everyone’s happiness and think it as god wanted your happiness and gave this opportunity to you.

Raj says I always wanted you to be happy but sometimes hapiness won’t lie in what we needed but it depends on what God choosed for us. Meet asks what he meant. Raj says you can’t marry Manushi as she has eloped from mandap. Meet Ahlawat get shocked and breaks the glass in his hand. Meet says she can’t take Manushi’s place. Anubha asks why can’t? When Raj ji assured to manage everything and she insists her to accept but Meet denies holding her feet and asks her to understand it from her side. Meet Ahlawat says it’s destiny and it’s good she realised it before marriage that she don’t love me and he leaves in tears placing his turban Raj hands.

Episode ends.

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