Meet 29th July 2022 Written Update: Meet takes Anubha’s blessings and apologises to her


Meet 29th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat and Hosiyar keeping eyes on Meet. Hosiyar says but Manjari might come for some other reason. Meet Ahlawat says she came here at late night means she has some secret reason. She knows where the duplicate keys is so probably she will open the door using that key. She told him once about it. Meet rings the the door bell surprisingly and Manushi opens the door and says she was about to call her but Manjari already came over.

Manushi says she respects Manjari’s love for Popat. Meet asks her to find an one year old orphan kid for Popat whom she can raise happily. She says she can’t find one though she is trying hard. She thinks what would Manushi say now. She might think about her son. Manushi says she is trying and she will let Manjari know very soon.

Meet acts like she is getting hiccups and she tells Manushi to make kadha for her. She tells the ingredients and Manushi feels strange. Manushi goes to make it to stop her hiccups. Meet goes to Anubha’s room. Hosiyar keeps on telling Meet Ahlawat that Manjari is not Meet Hooda, she is a different girl and they should tell the truth to Raj before her learns it from someone else.

Meet Ahlawat should stop considering her as his cheater wife. Meet Ahlawat says he is right as Meet is acting as Manjari and in future she might leave his family without informing like earlier. She doesn’t care about her own family then she will not care about his family too. He decides to tell Raj about Manjari’s truth.

Isha gets excited for her marriage and thanks her parents for giving her extreme happiness. They get happy to see her like that. Ragini tells Ram that she is worried for Isha, Ram says they can overlook other things just for Isha’s happiness. Meet sits near Anubha’s feet and says sorry to her for not revealing her real identity. She says until she reaches her goal she has to act like Manjari only. She touches Anubha’s feet to take her blessings and gets emotional.

Anubha feels Meet’s presence and takes her name. Manushi looks for Manjari and sees her sandals. Meet holds the bowl of kheer saying she will eat it now which Anubha makes for her everyday. Manushi notices the kheer bowl on top of the fridge. She panics thinking what if Manjari is Meet only and she went to Anubha’s room with the kheer. Manushi goes to check but she doesn’t find Meet in room and wonders where’s she.

Manushi notices Kunal is listening to music with face pack on. She sees the empty bowl and thinks he ate the kheer. Meet hides behind the pillar and recalls how she kept the bowl near Kunal without his knowledge. She meets Manushi and says she was looking for her only. She drank the kadha. Manushi says she was also searching for her. She adds she doesn’t know why Kunal ate the kheer all of a sudden.

 Meet returns back to mansion and thinks how to pressurize Manushi so that the latter gives back her child. Ragini and Ram go to take the Laxmi idol thinking everyone is asleep. Meet notices them holding the idol outside of the house. She wonders what will they do with it? She can’t even ask them as she is Manjari for them not Meet Hooda.

Episode ends

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