Meet 29th June 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat finds Meet’s lookalike Manjari


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The episode starts with Manjari feeling weird looking at Meet Ahlawat. She leaves the place and he follows her. She gets scared thinking what’s his plan, why he is following her. She runs away from him and throws some clothes at him. He holds her hand tightly saying she cant run away from him. She gets shocked and tells him to leave her hand. Meet Ahlawat says she left him already then why she came back in this different look. What is she trying to prove? He calls her as Meet Hooda and she says she is Manjari from Baroda. He has some misunderstanding. He breaks her bangles and she gets hurt. She calls out people out there and seeks help. She says he is trying to misbehave with her.

Meet Ahlawat tells everyone that she is his wife and she is acting to be someone else. Manjari says she is not his wife but she is not married yet. She says Meet Ahlawat is following her and touching her for no reason. One person threatens Meet Ahlawat to take him to police station. Hoshiyar apologises to everyone on behalf of him and takes him away from Manjari. Meet Ahlawat keeps looking at her. Hoshiyar says he has made an impromptu sketch of Manjari but seems like she is not Meet as she said. Meet Ahlawat says he will go to her house to ask for her.

Meet Ahlawat meets Anubha and asks her about her health. Manushi arrives with Kunal and Meet Ahlawat gets shocked seeing her. Manushi says Meet is not here so she came back to take care of her family. Meet Ahlawat asks Anubha if Manushi blackmailed them to stay here. Manushi says she doesn’t need permission to stay in her own house. He taunts her and she says she only left the mandap but Meet left him too after marriage. Meet Ahlawat feels insulted and leaves. Hoshiyar tells him to ask them about Meet but Meet Ahlawat leaves. Manushi gets happy that she humiliated Meet Ahlawat though she failed to make Meet suffer. Meet died easily in the blast. She tells Kunal that they should celebrate, Kunal asks why Meet Ahlawat came here, if he learned about his baby. Manushi shuts him up saying he will not utter that again else there will be consequences.

Babita waits for the news when Meet Ahlawat will say that he found Meet. Meet Ahlawat it was her only. Babita gets happy and says she will give the good news to Raj. Hoshiyar says but she looks like Meet not the real Meet. He reveals how they met Meet’s lookalike Manjari who has long hair, who does garba and she is a Gujrati girl. Everyone gets shocked to hear that. Ragini says Meet doesn’t know how to wear make up. Meet Ahlawat says she can change her colors quickly and she is fake. Hoshiyar tells the whole incident what happened at the temple. Meet Ahlawat suspects him saying if he joined hands with Meet and lying that she is Manjari. Hoshiyar says how can he doubt him when he only used his sources to give information about Meet’s lookalike.

Meet Ahlawat says your dear ones can also betray you so he trusts noone. Sunaina says it sounds impossible that Meet can sing or dance. Isha gets confused too. Babita says but they have to meet her first only then things can be solved. Babita decides to meet Manjari and Meet Ahlawat shouts noone will see her or meet her. Hoshiyar tells him that he got the address of Manjari now they can go.

Episode ends

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