Meet 29th March 2022 Written Update: Raj gets a heart attack


Meet 29th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Babita asking Meet if she is daring to go even after Raj said no. Masum says Dad you treated daughter in laws as your daughter but today Meet showed that she does not respect your decision. Raj says to Meet that he didn’t expect this from her. Raj asks Meet before doing this haven’t you thought about my feelings. Raj says if you don’t respect my decision then I will talk with Anubha, after all, there is a blood relation between you, and walks away. Meet Ahlawat says we know something like this is going to happen. It is shown that Meet and Meet Ahlawat are worrying about what will happen.

Raj goes to Anubha’s home. Anubha receives Raj and asks what the reason for his visit. Raj says Meet doesn’t even listen to him now. Meet wants to join the police force but Guruji said that for the next six months there is a danger for her. Please talk some sense into her. Anubha calls Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat gets worried about what decision they will take but Anubha says that Raj bhai’s condition is pretty serious and tells him to come quickly. It is shown that Raj is seen by a doctor in Ahlawat’s house. Ram says to family members Raj has gotten a heart attack. Masum says he is a healthy and happy person how can he get a heart attack. Ram says he is worried ever since Guruji said that Meet’s life might be in danger in these 6 months. Masum says Dad thinks of Meet as her daughter but she doesn’t even think of her father in law and because of her these are the results. Ragini says Meet always thinks of our family as her family. Babita asks then where is she. Meet is shown praying to God about Raj’s health. Meet says to Masum that she put her hand on Babita doesn’t mean taking care of her and You know now is the time for her to take Migraine medicine and have you given her it? no, when you are given the chance to spray me how can you not use it.

Meet says to Anubha to go home as dadi will be alone and they are all here. Meet is shown to be taking care of family members. After some time Meet Ahlawat comes and says Dad is out of danger. All the family members go to see him. Meet Ahlawat takes Meet to Dad. Raj jokes with everyone seeing that they are all sad.

Meet comes to Raj and sits near his feet. Raj says the daughter’s position is not at their feet and tells her to sit near him. Meet says from she will be with him all the time and says if she will cut friendship if he does friendship with tensions. Raj says he will cut friendship with her if she won’t listen to him and he asks her son to drop Meet at the training center. Everyone looks at him in shock. Raj asks why are you seeing me in this way? Meet has Anubha Ji’s blood and I asked Anubha Ji if she allows Meet to join in Police force even after her husband’s incident then she told me that she is proud that her husband lose her life on duty and I will be proud even if Meet becomes Martyr in the line of duty. Meet apologies to him for her drama of leaving house to make him understand. Raj says it’s not your mistake and this heart attack can happen any time and death may touch us in anytime and our life must be a long one. He coughs. Everyone feels worried. Raj says make your shoulders stronger as you’re going to hold the nation along with our families and make us proud. Meet agrees to make him proud.

Episode ends.

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