Meet 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Barfi wants Isha and Deep’s wedding to take place on their engagement day


Meet 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Deep and Isha exchanging rings and everyone claps for them. Meet thinks she didn’t get enough time to stop their engagement but she won’t let the marriage happen. Barfi thinks before Manjari does something to stop the wedding she will get Isha married to Deep today only. She tells this to everyone that she can’t wait to make Isha her daughter in law.

So she wants the wedding to take place today. Babita thinks she must be joking. Barfi replies it’s not a joke. Meet Ahlawat says but the resort is booked and guests will visit there after two days so how the wedding can happen today? Barfi says guests only come to have food to judge people and they have nothing to do with their happiness. Deep and Isha are also looking very excited so why can’t they get married today?

Raj refuses saying this is not possible. Ram and Ragini take Barfi’s side saying there’s nothing wrong if Isha marries Deep two days ago. Raj also gives his consent as Isha’s parents are ready. Meet thinks she thought she had time to stop the wedding but Barfi is smarter than she thought. But she decides to inform Meet Ahlawat everything before the wedding.

Barfi tries to feed sweet to Meet to mock her but Meet says at first Barfi should eat it as she must be the happiest today. Meet Ahlawat goes with Tej to make the arrangements for the wedding today. Deep tells Isha he will help her pack her luggage. Barfi takes Meet aside and taunts her saying the latter is being oversmart and insulting her from day one so now she wants Manjari to stay for some more days to witness how she destroys the reputation of Ahlawat family. She will ruin their image, respect and will snatch all their money. Manjari won’t be able to do anything. Meet controls her anger and Barfi says you shouldn’t have messed with me.

Meet bumps into Popat and the latter questions her where is she going? Meet says she will tell the truth to Meet Ahlawat and will save the Lakhsmi idol from going to wrong hand. Popat says why can’t she think about herself only? She cant be a saviour for all. She should focus on getting her child back.

Meet says she has some responsibilities towards Ahlawats as well who loved her unconditionally. She can’t see Isha’s life getting ruined. Popat says but her son is also waiting to get her love, Manushi is waiting for her to commit one mistake then she will cancel the deal. Meet says she knows that but she can’t stay quiet anymore as Barfi’s intentions are dangerous. Manushi looks for Manjari and Masoom asks her to taste the food.

Popat adds she won’t support Meet in this as she is not that great like her. She felt her pain so she can’t be selfless like her. Meet leaves and there Ram and Ragini show all the jewels to Barfi. Barfi checks them and holds the Lakshmi idol. She praises Ram and Ragini for going to any extent to see Isha happy. She asks them if these jewels are equal to Isha’s weight. They reply yes. Meet enters the room and shocks them. She says she will run away with the idol and she won’t let Barfi win today. Ram stops her saying he will expose her truth to Raj.

 Meet says she is not scared but before he will tell the truth to Raj, she will tell everything to Meet Ahlawat about Barfi’s demands and how Isha’s parents are supporting her. She asks Ram whether he wants to read Isha’s news on paper how girls get murdered due to dowry. Meet adds Barfi will make Isha’s life hell and she will torture her after wedding and will demand more things. Ram shuts her up but Meet snatches the idol from Barfi and runs away. They chase her and catch her. Meet tries hard to leave.

Episode ends

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