Meet 30th July 2022 Written Update: Ram blackmails Meet to not reveal about dowry to Meet Ahlawat


Meet 30th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet following Ram and Ragini who are going to room with the idol. Meet thinks what they are planning to do. She tries to overhear their talk and Ram and Ragini get Barfi’s video call. Manushi talks to Kunal, Kunal keeps on saying he didn’t eat the kheer. He gives her swear but she says she will believe in Manjari’s words as the latter is a jackpot for her. She will get near about thousand crore rupees from Ahlawats through Manjari. Kunal gets excited hearing that and says he always dreamed about that. Manushi tells him to arrange an orphan kid for Popat as soon as possible. So that Manjari gets married to Meet Ahlawat. Kunal says they can make it easier by giving that child to Popat. Manushi asks him to stay in limits and he should arrange some other kid for Popat.

Barfi asks Ragini and Ram whether she will come for the engagement tomorrow or not. They reply obviously she has to come with Deep. They made all the preparations and the laxmi idol is ready too. They show her the idol and Meet learns that Ram and Ragini are planning to give dowry to Barfi. Ragini gave her bangles to Barfi only. Meet falters suddenly and the door gets opened mistakenly.

Barfi sees Meet and gets irked. She says she will talk about Isha’s marriage to her parents not to such fake daughter in law. Meet slams her for being so greedy and she asks Ragini it means she is choosing the wrong path to get Isha married. Barfi says Meet is just jealous of Isha’s happiness. Isha will become real wife of Deep so Meet can’t digest that. Meet gets angry at her and the video call gets disconnected.

Meet says Barfi will demand lot more things from them after marriage if they agree to give dowry to her. They should not support this illegal custom. She tells Ragini to tell the truth to Isha and to the whole family because they can’t make her life hell by hiding such a big thing. Ram scolds Meet saying she is not a part of their family, they won’t take advise from an outsider. She will be out of this house very soon. Meet gets disheartened hearing that but says Meet Ahlawat brought her here so she will tell the truth to him as she can’t Isha’s life getting ruined. She heads towards Meet Ahlawat’s room. Ram and Ragini go to stop her. Meet knocks on Meet Ahlawat’s room door.

Ram warns her saying if she reveals the truth to Meet Ahlawat then he will tell Raj about her truth that she is Manjari not Meet Hooda. Then Raj will kick her out of the house. Meet Ahlawat opens the door and asks Meet what happened. Ram lies to him that Barfi can’t stand Manjari thus they were telling her to not come in front of her during engagement but Manjari came to his room to complain about that. Meet Ahlawat says Manjari should not do anything due to which the engagement gets cancelled. Meet leaves upset and thinks this time Ram blackmailed her but she won’t be silent.

Meet talks to Popat regarding this issue and Popat asks her to not tell Meet Ahlawat anything else she won’t succeed in her own plan. Her truth will be revealed. Meet says she can’t be selfish despite knowing the truth. Isha’s happiness also matters to her. She already suffered once by marrying Shanty not this time. Popat says but Meet also suffered a lot and now she should not miss the chance to get her child back. Meet replies she will take Meet Ahlawat’s help and will tell him the truth so that he does something to save Isha. Next day, during the engagement ceremony everyone is busy in the preparations.

Meet waits for the scope to tell Meet Ahlawat the truth. Meet Ahlawat teases Isha saying after marriage they will call her bhabhi as Deep is like his brother. They share a laugh. Raj brings grevar sweet for Isha and Ram says he woke up in early morning and bought it for Isha and that’s really nice of him. Raj says he can do anything for his dear ones’ happiness. Meet thinks this is the right time to take Meet Ahlawat aside and tell him everything.

Episode ends

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