Meet 30th September 2021 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat tries to prove Meet as Gundi infront of his dad


Meet 30th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadi says god made you born to save our respect as only girl can save the respect of home not boy and you always take care of us by becoming boy so this time become a daughter and save the reputation of our family than I will forgive you and she begs Meet to marry Meet Ahlawat to save their respect. Meet hugs her Dadi.

Pandit asks Raj when will groom will come as Subh muhurta is nearing. Raj asks him to wait for sometime. Masoom tells to his Dad that Meet won’t marry the girl who don’t appear like girl. Mert returns mandap. Raj thanks him. Meet asks him to give him a chance to prove Meet is not the right girl. Raj says I’m giving you chance so prove to me as I trust her and you misunderstood her than he asks Pandit to wait for sometime. Ram and Lakhan tells to Raj that Meet wants to talk with him than he goes ti meet her. Masoom questions his brother that why he came as their Dad may make him married to Meet with emotional blackmailing. Ishqi to says why to take a chance. Meet says I will prove to Dad that she is Gundi not Diamond. Deepa asks from where he get the proof. Meet says Kunal.

At temple Kunal and Manushi asks Pandit to perform their marriage quickly. Meet calls Kunal but he won’t attend the call. Masoom says prove to Dad otherwise he will make you get married ti her. Raj tells to Meet that I know my son loves your sister but I’m requesting you to marry him as you both are same and will be best match and Guruji also said the same that you’re made for eachother so my son will love you in the upcoming days so agree to marty him. Meet says it’s not only problem, I’m son to this family who take cares of this family so I wants to take care of them post marriage too. Raj gets impressed and he accepts her condition and promises her that she can take care of her family with her salary money post marriage too and he asks her to agree for the marriage.Meet agrees to marry Meet Ahlawat. Raj feels happy.

Kunal and Manushi exchanges varamala than Pandit ties Gadhbandan. Meet continuously calls Kunal than he goes aside and attends the call and tells to Meet that he will return the car in the next morning. Meet says I didn’t called you for car so come to my marriage immediately. Kunal says Doctor gave medicine post stitching which is making me drowsy that’s why I stayed at hospital so don’t worry I will reach soon. Meet asks him to come soon. Kunal switches off his mobile. Meet and Masoom thinks they can expose Meet infront of their Dad. Manushi asks whose call than Kunal lies to him than both thinks they will become super rich post marriage.

Anubha asks Meet if she is okay to wear her wedding saree. Meet agrees by hugging the saree. Anubha makes her wear it than she removes her necklace and about to make her wear it but Ragini stops her and asks if she can get ready their hone wali bahu. Anubha says she is ready but we don’t have jewellery as Manushi eloped with them. Ragini says no need to say and it’s our family ritual to make the bride wear the jewellery given by her sasural and she makes Anubha wear her necklace than she makes Meet ready with the jewellery she bought for her.

Episode ends.

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