Meet 30th September 2022 Written Update: Meet stops Puja and Kamal from running away with the baby


Meet 30th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat telling the baby that why didn’t Meet inform him yet she reached or not. Baby smiles and he says he is only worried for her. He feeds the baby. Barfi tells Neelam to wear the dress once else noone will shut their mouth. Neelam acts like she can’t wear that as alchohol smell is coming from it. Sunaina says they all wore it so she has to try it. Raj scolds Babita that why they let Meet leave alone. Babita says Meet was adamant to go instead of Meet Ahlawat. Kamal says it might be risky for Meet. Meet Ahlawat says she is sub inspector and she knows how to take care of herself. Raj says people always put big burden on her considering her as strong. Meet Ahlawat calls her and grows tensed. He leaves by car to find her. He thinks he hates Meet still he is concerned for her. Kamal thinks now he can easily take away the baby.

Neelam goes with the dress but then slips. She says she felt dizzy, Barfi tells her to take rest. Masoom says if she was the culprit then she would have done the same drama like Neelam did. She feels something is wrong with Neelam. Meet Ahlawat finds the burning car of Meet. He gets shocked and calls her loudly. He finds her lying unconscious. He lifts her up and says nothing will happen to her. Neelam lays on bed and Sunaina says they should call the doctor. Neelam says she couldn’t sleep properly yesterday and she couldn’t tolerate the smell of alcohol thus she fainted. Sunaina tells Isha to be with Neelam for tonight. Masoom recalls she didn’t see Neelam beside Barfi last night in her room. Maybe Barfi has no idea Neelam left. Babita says she should call Meet Ahlawat, Raj says he must be driving so they should not call him.

Kamal tells Puja to take the baby when Raj and Babita are busy talking. The baby starts crying and Babita tries to calm her down. Puja holds the baby in her arms and Babita gets shocked seeing Meet in that state. Meet Ahlawat makes her lay on bed and Babita asks him what happened to her. He says what he saw. Doctor checks Meet and says she fell unconscious out of shock. She will get back her senses after some time. Puja leaves with the baby when everyone is busy looking at Meet. Kamal also leaves. Meet gets up and asks Meet Ahlawat where is the baby? Meet gets restless and says how can he be irresponsible? They can’t lose the baby. Meet goes behind Puja and Kamal in hurry. She stops them and asks Puja where is she going?

Babita tells she gave the baby to Puja. Meet takes her from Puja and scolds Meet Ahlawat for being careless. He says sorry. Kamal gets angry thinking he again failed. Meet sings lullaby for the baby. Meet Ahlawat sees her and she goes to him. He says she should go back to Chandigarh with his parents and the baby. He feels someone tried to harm Meet knowingly. He doesn’t want to take risk. She says she wont run away in fear. She asks him but what will he do in their absence here? Meet Ahlawat says he will try to find the culprit. Meet says they both will trap the person whoever is trying to do wrong with the baby. She says till then the yatra will be finished and they might find the parents of the child too. She thinks she will also try to learn the reason behind Meet Ahlawat’s second marriage.

Episode ends

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